Launch Is the World's First Website Dedicated to Keeping Couples Romantic, Forever bridges the gap between what men and women think is romantic by providing Personal Relationship Management Solutions, and transforming its users into Relationship Ninjas.


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/14/2017 --Love on the Fly announced today the launch of its truly unique web-enabled service aimed at keeping its community of users connected to the people they love and addressing the growing erosion in the average American's work-life balance, which often leaves little time to do the simple things that thrill loved ones, uplift our emotions and enrich our lives.

Love on the Fly address a growing need to maintain and enhance healthy relationships in the estimated $54.3 billion dollar wedding industry. Love on the Fly's new platform takes the profile pages of one's loved ones and creates an organic experience with a proven process of Acts of Romance and Kindness geared towards keeping the fire burning in romantic relationships.

How it Works

Love on the Fly is a subscription-based startup, born out of a passion for balance, harmony, and the pursuit of enriching relationships. They provide our members with Acts of Romance and Kindness, Date Ideas, Tips to keep members out of trouble and automatic reminders for every milestone moments and holiday. By ranking the Acts they complete, the site will learn more about their members' individual connections and start suggesting more things based on personality. Simply put, the services take the guesswork out of being romantic and make members relationship ninjas. The goal is to launch Love on the Fly in the upcoming year.

Love on the Fly provides its members with tailored ways to stay connected to anyone. Whether one has been in a relationship for five weeks or 25 years, Love on the Fly will be there to make every moment with their loved ones count by providing the following services:

Acts of Romance and Kindness: This is a database of creative things members can do to keep a relationship fresh. Each Act comes with a systematic outline of what is needed to complete the task.

Ranking System: Allows each member to rank the Acts performed to create a truly organic and tailored program for every profile on the account. This specification will maximize chances of relationship success.

Playbook: The Playbook serves as a hub for every feature of the website. Whether members are in the Dog House, or just looking to spend a romantic night out and need some good ideas, this feature will draw up the perfect play.

Dog House: This feature gives members access to a series of 14 predetermined Acts designed to help get anyone out of trouble. Love on the fly will recommend one of four Dog House packages based on the severity of the subscriber's situation.

The Blindside: This feature suggests things a significant other can enjoy without their love, giving our members a chance for personal space, while their loved one is enjoying a day on their own to relax.

With the help of its partners, Love on the Fly launched on June 1, 2017. For more about, visit

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