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Berkeley, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/17/2017 --Petmehome Incorporated, a pet adoption service with a passion for helping get rescues and homeless pets out of shelters into loving homes, is excited to announce the upcoming launch of The new and completely user-friendly pet adoption platform aims to become the leading website for people looking to adopt a pet. will be free to use and is expected to be available to the general public in August 2017. It will launch with more than 200,000 available pets in the United States.

"I am so excited about the chance to combine my passion for startups with my love for animals," said Co-Founder & President Tarik Ozket. "I have gained so much knowledge related to Data mining in the online cloud marketing and we're essentially re-creating that using this deep data knowledge with to better connect available pets with new owners. I firmly believe that my expertise in this area, combined with the limited functionality of the existing market offerings, affords us a unique opportunity to build a transcendent and transitional product, while simultaneously doing a lot of good by helping more homeless pets find their way into good homes." will present a new and modern approach to animal adoption that combines the latest in technology, functionality, and search. The website will take online pet listings in a new and exciting direction by offering an online adoption platform with advanced search tools, direct messaging, along with social media integration and user-friendly tools.

As a result, people will be able to find pets with ease while choosing from a growing list of over 200,000 available animals. Founded by successful class of Techstars 2015's Tarik Ozket and Nesih Erkut. is a website created by data analyzing and cloud marketing platform. will leverage modern technology as well as social media to reduce the number of pets in rescues and animal shelters and help more homeless pets find good homes.

Adopting a pet from Petmehome website is personally satisfying and low-cost alternative to purchasing from pet shops. The pet adoption service is taking full advantage of technology to connect with pet lovers to help these pets go from being alone to adopt in a warm, loving environment. The website id designed to allow pet lovers see the full pet information Petmehome Inc. can offer. It is crafted with quality user experience in mind, includes various features to help online visitors to quickly navigate the website and find the pet they are looking to adopt. will launch with more than 200,000 available pets listed on the website and expects to reach more 1 Million pet seekers every day. The website will list a wide variety of pet types, ranging from dogs and cats to rabbits but not limited. Interested pet owners can perform targeted searches to find their perfect pet and can contact the listing owner directly through the site to learn more or meet the pet also finding animal shelter and rescue groups near them.

Improved Accessibility and Diversity

With professional website developers and designers on board, the company is able to streamline access to pet adoption website's very rich content. In addition to over 200,000 pet listings, the new pet adoption website offers users with pet history and description making virtual visits at Petmehome more informative and interesting than ever. The online platform is organized to provide direct and quick access to all resources and quality listings for all types of audience. When the user is not sure where to look for certain information on, the website has a quick search button to guide.

Petmehome features not only improved website accessibility but also diversity. As a global pet adoption service, Petmehome is committed to developing, leveraging and attracting the diversity of thoughts and experience to fuel the company's ultimate goal - provide a safe, loving home for every pet on the listing. The online platform will offer diverse of information, quality resources and features that will emphasize user experience. The website has a blog section which contains useful information that underlines the mutual benefit of pets being adopted by loving individuals and adopting a pet.

Content-Rich Website

It also features community section which is the best place to get and share valuable insights with pet lovers across the globe. The community section is also the perfect spot to learn and get helpful information on how to give the best world for your pet and keep them safe based on personal accounts and experiences. The website also offers weekly pet photo contest to feature adopted pets looking at their best. Petmehome virtual visitors can now benefit from quality online content easy to share and navigate with others. This means that every visitor can gain valuable insights from adopting a pet from

Advanced Interactive Website Tools

Expert website developers of have incorporated advanced tools and application to help pet lovers find the right information they require - from finding a pet name, food information, pet breed and pet shelter. Petmehome visitors can choose the perfect name for their pets through the interactive pet name generator. The breed finder and pet shelter finder can help pet lovers decide a pet to adopt based on their personal preferences and specifications. Pet food calculator which is also a powerful tool in Petmehome finder allows users to determine the appropriate food for a pet.

The website does not only appeal to people who are interested in adopting a pet. can be a good resource for pet lovers who are simply looking forward to browsing the Internet for quality information, engaging ideas and interesting photos of pets on the listing.

The Petmehome web team has been developing the rich-content and engaging website for the online audience for both pet lovers and general visitors. The website is packed with high-quality images, stories, and news that is constantly updated to make Petmehome an extensive virtual resource for a global audience. It's highly-advanced features and quality contents are available and accessible for interested visitors of all ages and backgrounds. This is a pet adoption site that will enable online visitors to have an engaging and informative experience as the company increases its market presence.

The new pet adoption website is a combination of quality information and high-powered online tools making it the leading online platform for people looking to adopt a pet. It also provides clear information about the requirements and procedures for adopting a pet. Direct messaging will be available for users who require professional assistance from the company. also provides complete information and description about the pet so pet lovers can easily find and decide which pet to take home. Once users virtually step foot on the new online platform, they are entitled to professional assistance whether they are looking for specific information about the pet or they want to know the adoption process of a pet. With this unique method, the company hopes to create an opportunity to create a transcendent pet adoption service while helping thousands of homeless and rescued pets find good homes for them. Petmehome does not stop working when clients take their new pets at home. With Petmehome online platform, the company aims to guide the new pet owners on how to keep their new furry friends healthy, build a companion pet relationship and maintain healthy and loving environments with pets. The blog articles, weekly updates and social media contents of produced by professional staffs and experts in animal behavior, training, and human psychology are there for the taking.

The moment you choose to adopt a pet, it becomes a commitment and a major responsibility. Petmehome ensures pet lovers will not only find the perfect furry friend. It also aims to help the clients understand everything surrounding pet safety, pet adoptions and pet laws. Petmehome has the passion and expertise in pet adoption every pet lover will require in the process of adopting and raising a pet. Adopting a pet means people will have to devote their valuable time and effort in making sure the pet is healthy and safe. There are state laws and regulations regarding pet adoption that every person will need to adhere. Pet lovers at Petmehome are guided with these pet regulations to help them adopt and raise a healthy pet while maintaining a loving home.

The new website will be updated and maintained by expert web team on regular basis with company activities, news, events, corporate milestone and industry information related to pet adoption in the United States. is a new pet adoption website that will provide an interesting and seamless view of the entire Petmehome pet adoption service.

About Petmehome Inc.
Petmehome Inc. is an expert pet adoption service in the United States. It has a passion for helping good people at rescue groups and shelters find welcoming, loving homes for pets. With the new pet adoption website, it enables the company to help thousands of pets from rescues and shelters find loving warm homes. If you have a space in your home and place in your heart, visit the company's website at to adopt a pet today and save a life.

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