Orthodontist in El Paso and Anthony TX Helps Correct Teeth and Jaws

To fix misaligned teeth and achieve a straightener and much brighter smile, visiting an orthodontist in El Paso and Anthony TX will be the right decision.


El Paso, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/21/2017 --When it comes to achieving a straightener and much brighter smile, visiting an orthodontist in El Paso and Anthony TX will be the right decision. Today, Dental Ark, a leading dental care unit, brings quality treatment service for people with misaligned teeth and asymmetrical face. They have expert doctors and well-skilled medical staff who will take the patients through a sublime process, using various appliances such as braces.

As always said, prevention is better than cure; timely onset treatment can improve results and reduce the need for extractions. At Dental Ark, the experts monitor the growth and development of teeth, and finally prescribe the braces as per requirements.

According to the experts, premature loss of deciduous teeth is a warning signal. In most of the cases, the deciduous teeth start to fall out by the age of 6 years, starting with the lower CI (Central Incisor). By the age of 12, all of them are replaced by the second set of teeth. At Dental Ark, the experts check out all these aspects before proceeding with the treatment.

Crowding of teeth is another common dental problem wherein teeth are crookedly arranged leaving little space in between. Due to this little gap between the teeth, brushes cannot reach these clustered areas. As a result, one develops gum problems and calculus deposition.

Abnormal protrusion of teeth is not just aesthetically undesirable, but it makes the upper front teeth protrude outwards. This malocclusion can be treated with orthodontic procedures which may require the extraction of teeth due to the dental protrusion. At Dental Ark, the doctors are experts at fixing such dental problems to bring a smile to the patients.

One of the experts added para-functional habits such as thumb sucking and tongue thrusting could lead to an open bite. These habits can be controlled using habit breaking appliances which are part of preventive orthodontics.

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