Intellias Initiates New Business Partnerships at Orbit-iEX 2006

Lviv, Ukraine -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/13/2006 --Accelerating digitalization of business and communication processes brings to the agenda the issues of productivity and overall efficiency of IT enterprise solutions. Orbit-iEX 2006, the largest IT fair in Switzerland, taking place on May 16 – 19 in Zürich Messenzentrum has introduced the latest novelties of the information technologies. The Key Concept of the conference has concentrated on Business Software, IT Services & Consulting, Hardware & Office Equipment, Web Applications & Business Processes, Security as well as Mobile Computing & Communication. Taking into consideration the importance of Swiss market to Intellias German-speaking market orientation, the company has decided to attend the event in order to get acquainted with the contemporary IT trends and initiate new business contacts.

Taking aim at introducing the most up-to-date knowledge and expertise, Orbit-iEX 2006 program has embodied Conference activities with 45 profound seminars offering innovative insights namely in Web based business solutions, IT security and Claim Management in IT Outsourcing projects. The emphasis in IT Outsourcing section is laid upon in its success-critical factors, proactive attitude towards Claim Management and Facility Management as an alternative to the accomplishment of the IT tasks.

“Outsourcing - a Nightmare?”, a report presented by Lutz Peichert, Vice President Consulting to Forrester Research has briefed the participants on the minimization of risks in the outsourcing projects, fulfilling the customer expectations and avoiding common outsourcing pitfalls. “License to Claim’ in ICT procurement and outsourcing projects” by Hansjörg Bühler, CEO to Soberano-Sourcing GmbH and Thomas Eberle, Senior Contract Manager to TeleTrust Partner AG have provided valuable insights on purposes and practical implications of Claim Management with special attention devoted to the claims being reduced at early phases of the service life cycle.

The utmost practical importance of Orbit-iEX 2006 is preconditioned by favourable current IT tendencies in Switzerland. According to Weissbuch 2006 by Robert Weiss Consulting, the turnover from the Swiss ICT market has increased from from 15.76 billion FR in 2004 on 16.17 billion FR in 2005. Swiss IT industry growing at leaps and bounds, the overall interest to the IT outsourcing issues becomes increasingly precise. In this context, the Eastern European outsourcing service providers are winning stable positions on the Swiss market due to the cultural and geographical proximity as well as high level IT proficiency. Since the Swiss market is one of the core IT destinations for Intellias, the company is putting forth every effort to deliver the services matching the requirements and expectations of its Swiss clients.

“Nowadays IT outsourcing is not framed in terms of technical expertise and intelligent endeavour, in order to obtain lucrative market niche, you have to be highly attentive to regional particularities” – concludes Michael Puzrakov, Intellias representative at Orbit-iEX 2006.

About Orbit-iEX
Orbit-iEX is and remains the most important trade fair for IT and communication in Switzerland. It represents a comprehensive business platform for information and communication technology. Hardware, software and ‘brainware’ are the foundations of this industry and make up the core of what Orbit-iEX has to offer its visitors. The trade fair gives the industry a face, adds to its profile and at its best even drives the business forward.

About Intellias Ltd.
Intellias is a software development company with its Development Office in Lviv (Western Ukraine) and
Sales & Marketing division in Zürich (Switzerland). The company specializes in Internet/Intranet Applications, Distributed Systems, MS Windows Applications as well as Embedded Systems.

From the outset of its market presence, Intellias has completed more than 160 projects worldwide, featured with excellence of technical expertise and reliability of partnership models. Over the years, Intellias maintains its orientation towards German-speaking market, tailoring region- and industry specific software services.

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