Alert: 4 Ways Ensuring You Make Money Online And Find The Right Internet Business Start up

Success coach and mentor Mick Lolekonda shares 4 ways to ensure home business buyers make money online, find a real home based business, while avoid Internet scams.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/27/2006 --The main concerns people have when looking to make money online is how to find a legitimate no scam internet business startup. The fear usually lies in sending their hard earned dollars to some company or individual and never seeing their money again. Even though it can happen over the Internet, it’s possible to avoid being scammed and protect oneself.

Avoid scams and finding a real business can be easy. Whenever a home business buyer finds an online business opportunity, they should do their due diligence. It includes searching the name of the company, the sponsor’s name, and possibly their address on Google. As search results come up one should be able to determine whether the information is trustworthy or not.

“When people looking for a home business contact me, they usually talk to me with a sigh of relief in their voice. Most share their experience with Internet scams and not getting proper or any help from their sponsor.” Said Mick Lolekonda, President of the Elite Marketing Group.

A good way to determine if the information received is real, is to run a test. Regarding phone numbers, simply calling the person or the customer service department should do the trick. At this point the home business opportunity seekers should ask questions and use the information gathered to make an informed decision.

“Often people are surprised when I pick up the phone as they call me. They are even more surprised when I return their call after they leave me a voice message. Their reaction is understandable and they always appreciate the fact that there’s a real person that is there for them.” Said Mick Lolekonda.

Another important concern for people is their ability to make money online when they have no or little experience doing so. It isn’t unusual to hear individuals complain that once they join an opportunity, they receive no or little support from their upline. And to make money online, not only does one need a good system with a solid compensation plan, but, they also need coaching and mentoring.

“When people join this Elite Marketing Team, my business partners know they can always contact me in time of need. I have a virtual open-door policy so-to-speak. Especially when you desire is to make money online, my responsibility is to make sure you do!” added Mick lolekonda.

The biggest challenge on the Internet is finding the right leadership. It’s crucial that the important questions are asked to your potential sponsor. Questions relative to performance reviews, follow-ups, fast start manual, their accessibility, and professionalism.

One can’t make money with an online business if it doesn’t have a rewarding compensation plan. But it doesn’t stop there. The new home business owner ability to make money also depends on their experience in the industry, their learning curve, and consistency in completing daily income activities.

Finally, as one is considering to work from home with a business, they must remember that it doesn’t require a huge investment. As an example, some people on ebay make money, while investing little money. Similarly, a new marketer can start working at home very affordably. Yes there are programs out there that may require a few thousand dollars to get started. But there are those that fit smaller budgets. The same goes for monthly marketing expenses.

“It’s important for new team members to get the most value for their marketing dollars. After determining their budget, I tailor a marketing campaign that fits their budget… and delivers. It’s my role to determine the best combination of online and off-line marketing that will generate the maximum dollars for them.” Said Mick Lolekonda.

So it’s possible to make money online. But to find a real business with a real coach willing to help a new home business owner takes a bit of research. And when done right, the time spent researching is time well invested.

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