Qualified Intermediary Capital Advisor Founder Dr. Robert Hetsler, Jr. to Speak at San Diego Investor Expo

Join industry leaders from across the country for a full day of information, education and networking opportunities.

Jacksonville, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/06/2017 --Dr. Robert Hetsler Jr., J.D., CPA, CVA, FCPA, CFF, MAFF, CMAP, the founder and managing partner of Qualified Intermediary Capital Advisors, a leading nationwide provider of 1031 exchange qualified intermediary services with offices in 20 locations across the country announces his participation in the upcoming San Diego Investor Expo on September 16, 2017.

Calling upon more than two decades of expertise as a real estate investor, CPA, lawyer and 1031 exchange professional, Dr. Hetsler will share his expertise and the information needed to become a successful real estate investor. He will also educate attendees on the risks and rewards of 1031 exchanges, TIC investments and other valuable real estate topics. Dr. Hetsler's unique position, as a real estate expert offering a portfolio of services in both English and Spanish, allows him to offer guidance to an international investor audience.

"The world of real estate investing is an ever-evolving landscape," commented Dr. Hetsler. "With unique products, like self-storage TICs, always coming to the forefront, it is imperative that investors, no matter how many years they have under their belts, stay up-to-date with the latest developments. It is also important to understand the tone coming out of Washington in regards to potential tax code changes that may impact the world of 1031 exchanges."

For additional information and to register for the event, visit http://realty411expo.com/la-jolla-san-diego/.

For all other details, including media inquiries, contact Dr. Hetsler at 866-570-1031 or rghetsler@gmail.com.

About Qualified Intermediary Capital Advisors
The Qualified Intermediary Capital Advisors team is led by Dr. Robert Hetsler Jr., J.D., CPA, CVA, FCPA, CFF, MAFF, CMAP, who for over 15 years has provided qualified intermediary services to investors for 1031 exchanges, as well as real estate investment locator services and advice. Dr. Hetsler's education and professional experience positions him as an expert in real estate and complex real estate investments, and allows him to seamlessly execute even the most comprehensive 1031 exchanges. Dr. Hetsler is also an avid real estate investor who owns multiple self-storage facilities, retail space, warehouse space, self-service car washes, raw commercial and residential land, as well as several investment condos across the nation.

Learn more at http://www.qualifiedintermediary.net and http://www.1031taxcpa.com (Spanish-language site).

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