Free, Fun Game for Movie-Lovers That Follows the Same Format as Fantasy Sport


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/06/2017 --Edwardo Jackson, CEO and Founder of CinemaDraft, has announced a new interactive game for movie-lovers and fans of fantasy sports and games. CinemaDraft is free to play via a mobile responsive web app and offers players an opportunity to win real cash prizes each week.

Described as fantasy gaming for the movie industry, CinemaDraft will appeal to movie buffs, those who take an interest in actors, and fans of fantasy gaming. "With this game, the 11-billion dollar movie industry collides with the multi-billion dollar fantasy sports market," explains Jackson.

About CinemaDraft
The game follows the same concept as fantasy sports, which are hugely popular across the globe. Instead of selecting athletes or professional sports players for a fantasy team, CinemaDraft players select actors from movies in current release. Players must stay within their imaginary budget of $100,000, which is tracked via the app, and they can select up to 10 actors.

Players then accumulate points according to how those actors' movies perform at the North American box office. This works in a similar way to fantasy sports, whereby a player's points accumulate according to their chosen sport's players' real time-performance over the course of their sport's season.

In other words, the better the movies perform, the more points are scored.

Around 246 million Americans a year enjoy going to the movies, says Jackson. By downloading CinemaDraft, players can choose to take more of an interest in current and future movies, follow their favorite actors' careers, pursue a film-watching hobby, compete against friends in a fun game, and test their box office knowledge.

For more serious fans of CinemaDraft, a monthly subscription fee will be available in return for an enhanced mobile service and other perks.

Jackson feels that CinemaDraft is sure to ignite fans' engagement with the movies in the way that fantasy sports succeeds in engaging fans with sports. "I was never interested in NASCAR until DraftKings made a game for it. I am now an engaged, casual fan of the racing circuit," says Jackson.

With a professional background as an author, screenwriter, actor and poker player, CinemaDraft is the nexus of Jackson's skill set. He looks forward to making the app available for general release.

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