Ammo Retailer Sells Quality Bulk Ammunition Online for Less

LAX Ammo has an excellent supply of bulk ammunition online at very competitive prices. Their United States ammo manufacturing plant and connections with major ammo companies make it cheap and easy to buy bulk ammunition online. With their high customer satisfaction and loyalty, it’s no surprise as to why LAX Ammo is the go-to place to buy ammo. If you’re currently in the market for ammo, get it online from LAX Ammo, or visit their super-store at 234 S. Hindry Ave. Inglewood CA 90301 (855-407-2666). 


Inglewood, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/12/2017 --LAX Ammo has the best selection and prices for bulk ammunition online. Though buying ammo in bulk can get expensive fast, LAX Ammo's inventory and business relations make it more economically feasible to buy bulk ammunition online. It's the same quality ammo from the gun store or range, but for much less.

The best bulk ammunition online can be found from LAX Ammo, a distinguished ammo store in Southern California. This ammo store was formed in response to the ammunition shortage of 2008-2013, with low inventories and high prices of ammo putting a strain on shooters. The end result of going direct with ammo manufacturing companies and producing their own brand of ammo returned quality products for less, especially when buying bulk ammunition online.

LAX Ammo sells quality bulk ammunition online for all types and calibers. Their focus on selling quality products for less than other online retailers makes LAX Ammo a wise choice when buying bulk ammunition online. People often think of cheap prices with low quality, but LAX accepts nothing short of exceptional.

About LAX Ammo
LAX Ammo is an ammunition-supplying powerhouse in Los Angeles, CA. They sell a multitude of different calibers and types of ammo for less than what you would expect when you buy bulk ammunition online. Notable brands such as Winchester, Remington, and others are available, many of which can be had as bulk ammunition online.

Find out more about LAX Ammo and what they have from their website at, 234 S. Hindry Ave. Inglewood, CA 90301.

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