Burnout Proof Executives Says World Mental Health Day Should Highlight Upper-Level Management Epidemic

Canadian-based Burnout Proof Executives says October 10th’s World Mental Health Day is a calling card for corporate leaders that secretly find themselves at whits end.


Ottawa, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/19/2017 --Often expected to take the lion's share of responsibility without issue or wear, executives are at the center of an emerging, all-consuming trend. A trend that no one, least of all the sufferers, want to admit. Typically lauded for their ability to shoulder the weight of burgeoning companies, executives are the least likely to admit they're overworked. But a dirty little secret that affects 95% of all businesses now sits exposed. Regardless of a desire to prolong the inevitable and cover up overwhelming stress, the mighty do fall. And when they do, faltering bottom lines are the least of their worries. Interpersonal relationships reap the staggering reward, and a negated internal sense of personal accomplishment threatens to cripple ongoing success. Sources say, there is a point of no return.

Despite its epidemic status, because it's attributed to depression and anxiety, executive burnout is commonly treated with anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds, traditional psycho-therapy, and rest. According to Tina Cantrill, Founder of Burnout Proof Executives, that's not the answer, its a band-aid. A one-time sufferer herself, Cantrill worked in big corporate at the senior executive level on two continents. She admits that a slow burn of chronic stress led to the "wheels falling off the bus." A talented, driven, successful corporate executive, she like her colleagues, didn't talk about chronic stress and burnout. In fact, it was used as a platform for boardroom bravado. For her, in the end, it was counterproductive.

An American Psychological Association survey in 2016 found less than half of working Americans say the climate in their workplace supports employee well-being. Could it be that if executives took the shame out of burnout, the trickle-down effect would be overwhelming for increased productivity overall.

Endeavoring to take the shame out of mental exhaustion and fight the taboo associated with executive fatigue and burnout, Cantrill now says, "Big corporate needs to drop the stigma and start treating their leaders differently. People are not disposable; they're rechargeable. If chronic stress and boardroom burnout remains wrapped in judgment, people won't get help until it's too late."

Now providing chronic stress and burnout coaching for executives, leaders, and organizations for long-term success, Cantrill has changed missions. Without a focus strategies for stress management and coping skills, Burnout Proof Executives takes an immunization tact. The program, tailored for executives and their teams, teaches how to mitigate the brain's stress response and the body's reaction to it. She adds, "It's far more than simply a focus on the mind. I call it burnout proofing."

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