Timeplast Plans to Put an End to Plastic Pollution with the World's First and Only Nano-Degraded Plastic


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/06/2017 --Timeplast, the world's first and only nano-degraded plastic which promises to end plastic pollution forever, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

1500 years will pass before a single piece of plastic dissolves into the earth. Nearly all plastic that has ever been created still exists today. Just in the U.S. alone, 694 plastic bottles are thrown away every second. Nowadays so-called biodegradable additives only break plastic into microscopic plastic which is even worse for the environment, and studies show that only a small percentage of plastic bottles are ever even recycled, and not even recycled but down-cycled.

"Studies show how micro plastics like BPA are linked to several health issues, some of them horrifying, like the direct correlation between miscarriages and high levels of this component, or the ability to accumulate in our bodies generation after generation through biomagnification; and it's happening!," says Timeplast CEO Manuel Rendon. "Nowadays 93% of all Americans have BPA in their bodies, this is very scary. There's almost no place in the world we won't find plastic polluting."

Timeplast is the first and only company in the U.S. with a patent approved by the USPTO on the nano-degradation of plastic. It is also the only green technology in the plastics industry that has a scientifically tested and proven claim beyond a reasonable doubt. Timeplast has managed the impossible, by disintegrating the carbon-to-carbon covalent bonds in plastic during the manufacturing process to create a 97.79% wax-based plastic that behaves, looks and feels exactly as regular plastic.

Rather than passing on the burden of degrading plastic to Nature, Timeplast degrades it at the manufacturing process, lowering 98% of any plastic's chemical lifespan by disintegrating the carbon-to-carbon covalent bonds from the start. In other words, Timeplast plastic does 97.79% of the required effort that Nature would otherwise do, leaving a plastic with only a 2.21% lifespan which is more than enough for all of today's applications.

"We are the first and only technology approved by the USPTO on the actual chemical degradation of plastic, and not the "bio"degradation of plastic. All of the alternatives for the plastic pollution problem are based on Mother Nature biodegrading plastic waste, and it turns out she can't," adds Rendon. "Biodegradation of plastic has been debunked and proven that only works in unrealistic laboratory conditions, but in reality, and in the best case scenario, plastic would only look like it's biodegrading, only to be disappearing from sight and becoming a dangerous micro plastic that will now enter the food chain."

Timeplast is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2y50iOY.

About Timeplast
Timeplast is an U.S. Nano-technology Company that specializes in the alteration and reengineering of polymers at the manufacturing process of a plastic piece, with the solely purpose of marking by Solvation and Oxidation weak spots on the polymer chain for it not to be longer than paraffin wax's once it eventually breaks down.

For more information on Timeplast please visit http://timeplast.net.

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