Entitled Reports That Cook County, IL, Homeowners Can Claim More Than $279 Million in Missed Homestead Exemptions

Tens of thousands of homeowners in Cook County, IL, are overpaying property tax as a result of missed Homestead Exemptions, proves recent studies by Matt Myjak, Co-founder and President of EntitledRefunds.com.


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/12/2017 --"Awareness of Homestead Exemptions is necessary to ensure property tax is fairly paid by homeowners," reports Matt Myjak of Entitled, a property tax company that differentiates itself by specializing in Homestead Exemptions. "In the current and prior three property tax years, homeowners have missed out on more than $279 million in General Homestead Exemptions and Senior Citizens Homestead Exemptions."

In addition to demonstrating that huge numbers of homeowners are missing out on Homestead Exemptions, the studies further show that they are more commonly missed in areas that are below the Cook County median household income level. This illustrates that unclaimed exemptions are hurting the property taxpayers who would benefit the most.

"Exemptions are not received automatically," says Myjak. "I've found in my experience helping homeowners correct exemptions and researching Cook County records that even homeowners who appeal their property taxes often overlook exemptions."

The General Homestead Exemption, or "Homeowners Exemption," and Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption, or "Senior Citizens Exemption," are the most common Homestead Exemptions in Cook County, IL, and were the focus of Entitled's studies. The analyses were prepared using data from Cook County, IL; the Illinois Department of Revenue; and the U.S. Census Bureau.

The results of the studies uncover that in the 2016 property tax year, more than 62,000 Cook County, IL, homeowners that qualified for the Homeowners Exemption didn't claim it, and more than 35,000 that qualified for the Senior Citizens Exemption made the same mistake. The result is overpaid property tax in 2016 for homeowners of $43.3 million and $17.5 million respectively.

The studies also reveal that homeowners who incorrectly did not receive the Homeowner Exemption and Senior Citizens Exemption are entitled to a collective refund from Cook County, IL, totaling about $206.3 million and $72.8 million for overpaid property tax, respectively, in years 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016, if corrected in the period August 2017 through December 2017.

To view the full reports, visit: http://www.entitledrefunds.com/homestead-homeowner-exemptions.

Entitled was founded to provide a solution to the missed Homestead Exemption problem. EntitledRefunds.com is currently the only place where Cook County homeowners can claim missed exemptions online to get a refund for overpaid property tax.

An obvious signup, EntitledRefunds.com offers a risk-free opportunity for homeowners to recoup money they didn't know they had. To guarantee satisfaction for homeowners and ensure Entitled's service is easily accessible to households of all income levels, the company charges a low percentage and collects only if, and after, a refund is received.

The company offers homeowners an online Homestead Exemption review and correction experience with clear instructions, pre-populated forms, and electronic signatures. By completing a web form at EntitledRefunds.com, homeowners can quickly discover whether or not they missed property tax exemptions. If the homeowner is owed a refund, Entitled makes it simple to recoup their money with a streamlined process.

For more information or to sign up now, visit: http://www.EntitledRefunds.com.

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Launched in 2017, Entitled is based in Chicago, Illinois, and provides access to proprietary technology that enables homeowners to efficiently recoup refunds on overpaid property tax resulting from missed Homestead Exemptions. Currently serving Cook County, IL, Entitled is slated to broaden its reach in the near future.

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