The Blobbies App on Kickstarter Helps Children Appreciate Their Uniqueness

"Toy of The Year" winner, the Blobbies, is launching a new app and giving transforming plush rewards on Kickstarter.


Santa Clara, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/15/2019 --Pers today is pleased to announce that it has launched a Kickstarter campaign that will briefly bring back its Blobbiemorphers toyline, in the form of Kickstarter holiday rewards to support the funding of a new Blobbies mobile app.

The Blobbies are the creation of Jorge, a Peruvian writer-illustrator who traveled to the US chasing a dream. He managed to become a designer at Apple, then became the Visual Manager at Adobe in charge of Photoshop, and eventually founded Pers, the company where he is making his dreams come true.

Each Blobbie represents one of the seven rainbow colors and, at the same time, a personality type; since colors can say a lot about our personality. People who like red and orange tones often have outgoing personalities. People who like blue and indigo tones tend to have a more introspective nature. Colors, in turn, can have a powerful effect on our moods and emotions. Medical studies have shown that different colors can influence our brain and nervous system in various ways.

To help children discover the color of their personality and be proud of who they are, Pers has created the line of Blobbies toys with which children and adults can identify with one of the seven Blobbie colors:

Blobbie Red: The Warrior (athletic and energetic)
Blobbie Orange: The Venturer (adventurous and confident)
Blobbie Yellow: The Savant (intellectual and easy-going)
Blobbie Green: The Healer (helpful and protective)
Blobbie Blue: The Herald (communicative and sentimental)
Blobbie Indigo: The Artisan (artistic and peculiar)
Blobbie Violet: The Sorcerer (imaginative and spiritual)

The Blobbies line includes the Blobbiemorfers transforming plush toys (winner of a "Toy of the Year"), the Blobbiemundo trading card game (the first Peruvian TCG), and now, via their Kickstarter campaign, the Blobbies plan find a home on mobile devices worldwide with a game app that brings education and fun to children and adults.

This app will have multiple components including:

- The Blobbies' Personality Chart
A color personality chart that helps children discover their individual personality and learn to value themselves.
And, with the included Blobbietest, everyone can discover their own personal Blobbie Color.

- Blobbiemorph!
A platformer game where you must travel through Blobbieworld and morph into animal shapes quickly enough to survive all types of obstacles and enemies.

- The Blobbies' Shape Challenge
A game that challenges your memory by making you learn and remember new geometric shapes which can then provide the Blobbies with enough energy to defeat the evil Hexacones.

The best part is that by supporting the Blobbies' app with a minimum pledge of $1, backers will receive the award-winning storybook "Here Come The Blobbies" in eBook format.

Backers that pledge larger amounts can own one of the limited edition Blobbiemorphers that will be given as rewards in this campaign. Seven models will be available: Red Tyrannosaurus, Orange Eagle, Yellow Dolphin, Green Rabbit, Blue Triceratops, Indigo Stegosaurus, and Violet Unicorn. Each hypoallergenic Blobbiemorpher comes in deluxe packaging with stickers, trading card, and a signed numbered certificate with oficial wax seal. These rewards will be shipped in time for the Holidays.

"The Blobbies are meant to bring knowledge and happiness to kids and adults everywhere," says Jorge, "We hope that with your support in this campaign, we are able to create even more Blobbie products and help more children learn to value themselves and, at the same time, appreciate the different shades of colors in the personalities of others."

The Blobbies' Kickstarter campaign will last until November 15, but the best rewards will run out sooner than that.
Visit the Blobbies' Kickstarter page at and reserve your limited edition Blobbiemorpher before they are all gone.

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Based in Peru and USA, Pers was founded by Jorge Tello Aliaga in 2003. Jorge is a former UI Engineer at Apple and a former Design Manager at Adobe Systems, in charge of Photoshop and the Creative Suites. Pers creates books, apps, and toys. Its "Pookie and Tushka" and "Blobbies" toylines have won dozens of awards, including "Toy of the Year" and "Book of the Year" awards. For more information, please visit

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