GO MOM!® Fall Fix 2006

Company Helps Moms Keep the Fun in Fall

Apex, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/30/2006 --GO MOM !NC shares four ways to help Moms make this Fall unforgettable. “As families settle into the routines of the new school year, it’s easy to lose sight of having weekends to enjoy,” states Molly Gold, Founder of GO MOM !NC. “My role as a Family Scheduling Expert helps Moms focus on steps they can take to protect precious weekend time together with their families, and to enjoy the highlights of the season.”

Looking to make Fall a fantastic array of fun? Here are some tips to help:

· Plan – If we said it once, we will say it a thousand times…the best way to make way for fun in your weekend is to plan for it! Use family-oriented planning tools, such as the new GO MOM!® Wall Organizer, to merge all family member schedules into one place. Map your time and use this tool as your compass to show you when you can adjust commitments to claim time for Fall. If activity schedules dominate for months on end, hold a family meeting now to decide the best weekend to make family come first. Notify coaches and teachers alike that for that weekend, all family members are unavailable. When you communicate this at the beginning of the season, you are respecting fellow teammates and coaches or activity leaders as they can also plan ahead.
· Clean – Forget the notion that it’s only meant for Spring. The change of seasons brings a host of both outdoor and indoor tasks that when left unchecked, can drag on forever. Decide now if you work best claiming one weekend for a full assault on your list or if you’d prefer protecting a few hours each weekend to tackle one task at a time. Consult the Mr. Clean family of products to find a great selection of time-saving cleaning tools, such as the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power for everything from cleaning the grout in your tile to scrubbing down plastic patio furniture before placing it in winter storage. Assemble your project supplies in advance to maximize your time and accomplish your chores in the time allotted. Enlist the age appropriate help of all family members, providing them with their own supplies when possible to allow them to accomplish their task independently. And remember, when kids are involved, the more fun the better.
· Protect – Who doesn’t remember the fun of Fire Safety Week at school, when the firemen visit and if you’re lucky, you get to sit in the cab and wear their hats? Fall is a great time to take inventory of your safety measures and update where you can. We all are reminded to replace our smoke detector batteries with the time change each year, but who thinks to clean them when unassembled. Also, it’s important to review emergency plans with family members, including holding a mock fire drill and talking through natural or unnatural evacuation plans that need to be followed. And while updating all those emergency contact forms at school, do the same with the Emergency Documents box, including any evacuation plans outlined. Visit www.AmericanRedCross.com for the most complete resources for Emergency Preparedness. Complete supply lists and document preparation procedures to suit personal needs are provided.
· Play – From the first of September through the last day of October, our wonderful country is full of Fall celebrations. Street festivals abound, highlighting the best crafters every region has to offer. And the fruits of the harvest are just waiting to be enjoyed, including apple harvests and pumpkin patches. Check local Convention and Visitors Bureau websites or newspapers for listings of regional events and cross reference these calendars with the family planner to see when the family can enjoy the best the season has to offer. Families with younger children can expand on units of study specific to Fall and work weekend activities into their schedule, thus making the school and home experience a wonderful partnership of hands on learning. For the older set, there is nothing like the fun of Homecoming at the local high school to remind us all of how fast our children grow and the blessing parenthood provides. Participate in booster clubs that support children’s activities this fall. Get a window into your teenager’s world while enjoying the memories of your own high school years.

To enjoy the best the season has to offer, prepare yourself with all the tools that GO MOM !NC has to offer. GO MOM !NC is based in Apex, NC and promotes the use of the GO MOM!® product line which is based on unique scheduling solutions for everything family. GO MOM !NC helps mothers make positive mothering a daily reality within the structure GO MOM!® Schedule. Organize. Grow.®

Founder Molly Gold is a 40-year-old mother of three and the creator of the GO MOM!® product line, which is produced via license partnership with Mead Westvaco Consumer and Office Products and sold at major retailers nationwide, including Target, Staples, and Office Max. Gold is known for her keen insights into Family Scheduling and has been featured both in print and on air media alike. Gold currently serves on Proctor & Gamble’s Mr. Clean Team Expert Panel, Cartoon Network's Tickle U Advisory Board and as Family Scheduling Expert at both www.BlueSuitMom.com, and www.NewBaby.com. Gold’s work has been featured in Parents and Parenting Magazines, Better Homes and Gardens, The Washington Post, ABC's Good Morning America, and most recently NBC’s Today Show Weekend Edition in addition to a recent article in Woman’s Health Magazine.

To learn more about GO MOM !NC, visit http://www.gomominc.com. For interviews with Gold, e-mail her directly at mgold@gomominc.com.

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