Catolet - Unique Automatic Litter Box for Pets That Doesn't Require Any Refilling


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/24/2017 --CATOLET – a brand new, unique and fully automatic litter Box for cats and small dogs which does not require neither refilling or cleaning up. The litter Box can be directly connected to water supply and sewage, making it very convenient and much easier to install.

Pre-order of CATOLET device will be available on KICKSTARTER starting November 23rd for a limited time with early-bird special pricing, including additional discounts.

'''I have got a cat" – says Chief Engineer and project co-founder Artem Volkov. "One day, when my cat did its dirty business I had to clean and change the refill once again. That was the last drop and I have decided to change it once and for all. My colleagues and I have found out that the majority of cat owners spend time cleaning after their beloved pets because no one has offered yet a practical solution without any unnecessary supplies. So we decided to create a fully automatic, self-cleaning litter Box for cats. The work has begun immediately." Before the creation of this prototype, two previously made models with water flushing through stationary and moving nozzles have been tested out, however, they have failed in practice. At last, we were able to create a 3rd generation prototype, which, in our opinion, will satisfy all the needs of pets and their owners. This prototype has successfully met the requirements in practice and will definitely be loved by our customers!

At this moment in time, the device does not have any analogs and is not currently for sale. The project's author believes that Catolet devices will be used in every pet-loving household: "Simple, old litter boxes with ever demanding refill can be forgotten. Cleaning after your Pets in technological 21st century has become inconvenient."

Production experts - engineers, designers, IT-specialists have been taking part in the project and development of the fully automatic litter Box. Production part will be implemented in China, whereas the start- up management shall remain based in the USA. Chief Engineer, Artem Volkov, is an expert in the field of automation and robotics with experience in modernization of Robot Vacuums, Robot Consultants and other modern technological projects.

The idea behind the fully automatic litter box is not new; however the operating principle of the CATOLET device has NEVER been used before. The main distinction of the device is the conveyor system for waste disposal, which accompanied by auto-washing of the conveyor belt and flushing down the sewage. For the power supply, the CATOLET device can be connected directly to the external power source as well as use the internal battery that is able to hold the charge up to 3 months without the need to be re-charged.

As the pet places itself in the automatic device, a sensor detects its presence and tracks down when the pet leaves the CATOLET. After a certain period of time, which can be manually adjusted, flushing is carried out automatically. No waste is gathered in any container, refill is not required – all waste is grinded down/crushed and flushed down the sewage. After the flushing has been carried out the device is ready to be used again. CATOLET device offers a built-in pet training system to help the pet get used and adapted to the newly introduced device.

The automatic litter box for domestic animals may also be equipped with an additional tray top, i.e. the so-called shelter, which can be used as means of a shelf for various accessories. CATOLET device is equipped with leakage sensor and the alarm system, which will send a message to owner's smart phone in case of emergency. The device can be controlled and tuned via a mobile application downloaded onto the owner's smart phone. Parameters such as "cleaning delay" can be adjusted using the application on pet owner's smart phone. This is convenient as every pet has its own character. The mobile application is supported by both – iOS and Android platforms. As well as the above, additional options of the mobile app would be available should early backers like & rate the CATOLET device and make a pre-order. Via the mobile app, intervals between the litter tray visits as well as any pet habit cycle violation, water usage and other parameters shall also be tracked.

The size of the litter Box, as well as its design, with its ''get-on'' step are also very convenient. The case of the Catolet is made of sanitary acrylic, whilst the conveyor belt - of composite materials that are resistant to claws and any known aggressive environment. The bottom belt also has poked holes for the purpose of your pet not getting its paws wet.

Device characteristics:

Size (without the case top) 21.26"x 13"x 7"(540×330×185 mm);
Size (with a case top) 21.26"x 13"x 22" (540×330×565 mm);
Size + 26,37"-17,72"-7,9 inches;
Material: sanitary acrylic, composite material;
Ability of an autonomous functioning up to 3 months;
Accumulator per 4000 mAh;
Power requirements, charging 220/110W; Wi-Fi channel port;
Mobile application for iOS, Android, or Windows;
Water leakage sensor/alerting service.
UV (ultraviolet) desinfection system.

Additional options:

Catolet adaptation training system;
Ergonomic shelter;

The industrial designers are to present potential buyers of the device with a choice of four distinctly colored litter box designs – from pink to blue with a cute cat paws print on top. With the help of crowd founding platform KICKSTARTER Catolet plans to attract an estimate amount of $60 000 investment. Collected funds will be used for the organization of serial industrial production, purchase of materials, mechanic components as well as to issue and deliver the automatic Catolet to backers and their pets. An online shop will also be set-up where one may easily purchase the device.

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