NAVIN Introduces Action Cam Accessories for Cinematic Footage Taking Action Cam Video to the Next Level


Hsinchu, Taiwan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/03/2018 --NAVIN Corp. launched an Indiegogo campaign today for ProView G3 gimbal and cable cam. The base gimbal is wearable. It can be mounted as an action cam to remove shakiness and provide smooth cinematic footage. A handle equipped with a joystick and a mode selection button can be attached to turn the wearable gimbal into a handheld one. The cable cam has the function of gliding the camera on a rope to capture unique perspectives. These versatile action cam accessories enable users to take video-making to the next level.

The gimbal adopts state-of-the-art 3-axis stabilization technology, as seen in the motion picture industry, which allows for smooth videos of professional quality regardless of camera movements. The gimbal accomplishes this by utilizing powerful brushless motors with precision magnetic encoders. Beside standard pan-follow, all-follow, and all-lock operation modes, the gimbal also has an advanced auto-rotate mode, in which the camera rotates from point A to point B at a speed and angle configured by the user. This is highly useful for filming time lapse videos.

The easy-to-use cable cam enables the camera to glide, whether it is through challenging, narrow environments or over crowds at a live event where the use of drones is prohibited. Users can configure the camera to move at a preset speed and distance, or between two points, "ping-pong" back and forth continuously to capture dynamic views in sporting venues, concerts, parades, and more.

The cable cam's "ping-pong" mode and the gimbal's auto-rotate mode form many creative camera movements when utilized together, which allows for a great range of cinematic shot possibilities.

NAVIN has been working on the wearable gimbal and cable cam design since Q2 of 2017 and went through several iterations of the prototypes over the past months, enhancing performance, usability, and manufacturability before arriving at the current design, which is nearly ready for mass production.

ProView G3 action cam gimbal and cable cam are now crowdfunding on Indiegogo,, ending on January 31, 2018. Shipment for the backers is expected in April, 2018.

The NAVIN team consists of veterans in embedded system design, application software design, and product manufacturing. Previously NAVIN has brought crowdfunded ProView S3 smartphone stabilizer to the hands of backers and successfully launched it to the market.

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