PRMC Junior Board Shop offering Bella’s Cookies

Joins hospitals in area carrying Organic/Vegan Treats

Milton, DE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/16/2006 --The Junior Board Shop at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury introduced Bella's Cookies to the employees and visitors of the hospital this week. Bella’s Cookies is an organic and vegan cookie company from Milton, DE. and is named after company founder, Kelly Leishear’s 5 year old daughter Bella.

"The Junior Board Shop has brought us to PRMC; another major medical center across Delmarva offering organic and vegan snacks to its customers… and we’re proud we could be their first." said Mark Leishear (Director of Sales & Marketing of Bella's Cookies). Bella's Cookies of Milton is named after Mark & Kelly Leishear’s 5 year old daughter, Bella, and was born out of concern of what children everywhere, are offered as acceptable snacks. Bella's adheres to a strict policy of only using organic, all natural or vegan ingredients in their products; and by doing so eliminates dangerous pesticides that are sprayed on certain crops used to manufacture their ingredients. Bella’s also adheres to a 6 “No” motto: “No Trans Fats, No Hydrogenated Oils, No Artificial Flavors or Colors, No Preservatives & No High Fructose Corn Syrup, and “No Refined Sugar.” Bella’s switched to Organic Sugar (Organic Evaporated Cane Juice) late this summer because of it’s retained nutritive values, but had difficultly obtaining brown sugar in organic, in bulk, and acceptable to vegan (sugar not processed through a whitening bone char filter), so Mark Leishear decided to make his own. “Making our own brown sugar wasn’t the hard part… it’s the right consistency of making the sugar that made it hard… but there’s nothing like fresh brown sugar.”

The company’s vegan breakfast cookies are difficult to find on the shelves of retailers. "The breakfast line was designed to provide a wholesome, nutritious snack for those on the go and they've been a hot commodity.” Bella's has 2 breakfast cookies currently available (Fruit Melody & Pumpkin Cranberry) and both average 6 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber & have only 1.5 grams of saturated fat per serving. The Junior Board Shop is currently offering Bella’s “Choco-Bomb (a double chocolate), Appledoodle (Apple Snickerdoodle), and Pumpkin Cranberry (Breakfast Cookie)” for those at PRMC.

The organic food industry has garnered attention as of recent, as consumers are taking a closer look at what exactly they're feeding their bodies. While it's difficult to make an immediate overhaul in one's eating habits, little changes can often lead to larger ones; those looking for a little clean indulgence along the way… there’s Bella's.

Bella's Cookies is Delaware's 1st all natural/organic & vegan cookie company and specializes in the aforementioned as well as special holiday cookies. Cookies can be purchased at PRMC’s Junior Board Shop & various retail locations throughout Delaware & Maryland. Cookies may be ordered online at, or by phone at 302-684-8152. For more information on Bella's Cookies, visit their website.

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