Pocket-Sized Fun: HobbyTron.com Announces Availability of Picco Z Micro Remote Control Helicopter

HobbyTron.com is the best Web site for holiday shoppers looking to buy the Picco Z

Orem, UT and New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/16/2006 --Just in time for Christmas, HobbyTron.com today announced the availability of the Picco Z micro remote control (r/c) helicopter through its Web site, www.hobbytron.com.

Small enough to hold on the palm of one’s hand, the lightweight and durable Picco Z has been wildly popular outside of the United States this year with more than 500,000 sold in Europe and 400,000 sold in Japan. HobbyTron.com is one of only a handful of importers of the Picco Z in the U.S., and insiders report Picco Z shortages at Radio Shack and Toys “R” Us.

With the overseas popularity of the Picco Z and the limited inventories of other importers, HobbyTron.com has bet big on this item and expects a flood of Picco Z orders in the weeks ahead.

In addition, the Picco Z is very easy to use as it’s designed for the novice and expert pilot alike and it comes virtually ready to fly right out of the box. (An initial charge of 20-30 minutes is required before the first flight and six AA batteries are required for the controller/charger.)

“This little helicopter is perfect for anyone who loves gadgets,” said Jim Royer, president of HobbyTron.com. “This is more than just a toy that hovers in the air and drops back to the ground. The Picco Z is completely maneuverable. Fly it around the house or the office, it’s really quite easy to do. And once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it’s both fun and addictive to use.”

Each Picco Z ships with a two-channel, infrared controller that allows for left, right, up and down movements. The controller also doubles as a portable charger and features a compartment with a hidden cable that recharges the helicopter between flights in as few as five minutes.

Picco Z Specifications:

§ Measurements: Main rotor diameter: 5.25-inches (130mm [millimeters]), Length (excluding rotors): 6.5-inches (170mm), Rear rotor diameter: 1.25-inches (30mm);
§ Helicopter weight: 10g (10 grams), including lithium polymer (Li-Poly) battery;
§ Rechargeable flight battery: High capacity integral Li-Poly battery;
§ Charger: Integral transmitter/charger supplied with LED indicator/auto shut off. Easy to use connectors;
§ Charge time: Typically 15 to 20 minutes for a full charge;
§ Flight duration: Typically 8 to 10 minutes on a full charge;
§ Ready to run: Comes completely assembled and ready-to-fly, with pre-installed two-channel proportional infrared control system;
§ Range: Up to 100 feet (30 meters). Frequency: infrared control system – bands A, B & C allow up to three models to be flown at the same time;
§ Box dimensions: 360- x 160- x 100mm;
§ Box weight: 400g.

Picco Zs are currently available from HobbyTron.com in three different colors: red, blue and yellow. Each color represents a different frequency thereby allowing users to fly up to three helicopters at one time. The Picco Z is available from HobbyTron.com for $39.00 and a flat-rate domestic shipping charge of $7.00. HobbyTron.com also has a special offer for r/c enthusiasts who want even more fun with a set of three Picco Z helicopters for just $99.00 and $12.00 flat-rate shipping charge.

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