Top Airport Parking Launches Newark Airport Parking at the Insanely Low Price of $4.75 / Day

Purchase $4.75 a Day Newark Airport Parking Through Top Airport Parking


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/02/2018 --Top Airport Parking, a travel and leisure company based in San Francisco, CA; just made it possible to find Newark Airport Parking for only $4.75/day.

With few employees Top Airport Parking is rapidly expanding nationwide. They operate in over 18 markets across the country, and by adding one of the largest airports in the Northeast to their portfolio at the lowest advertised rate, gives Newark travelers the luxury to park their car near the airport whenever they travel.

Top Airport Parking's primary goal is to help price sensitive travelers find simple and ridiculously cheap parking near the airport. This innovative strategy is a big component to their success. Top Airport Parking creates a win/win situation for partners and customers by offering the lowest rates, but not sharing the exact location. Patrick Murray, Co-founder and CEO of Top Airport Parking explains how they are making it happen.

Murray put it this way, "If a third party website or app resells a parking lot's parking space through some deal or discounted rate, this ends up showing up on Google's search results and elsewhere on the internet. A loyal traveler may be searching for their favorite airport parking company and see there is some kind of deal online, and end up not purchasing on the brands own site, but through a third party. As one would assume, parking lot owners don't like this since they need to pay extra fees on top of selling for a discounted rate. If they partner with us, they keep their loyal customers while only selling at a discounted rate (through Top Airport Parking) to travelers they otherwise wouldn't have had parking at their facilities."

Top Airport Parking partners with only the highest rated parking facilities in a market and offers the lowest price. They are able to negotiate such low rates because Top Airport Parking sells unbranded parking, which is a parking reservations that sold without brand names or addresses on them. Once the parking is purchased the information is then shared. This provides customers with high quality parking for less.

You can purchase Top Airport Parking's Newark Airport Parking online for a highly discounted rate of $4.75 a day.

Simply go to and select the Newark Airport Parking location, fill out the reservation form and make your payment. Once your payment is made you will automatically receive a receipt. Within 10 minutes after your purchase, you'll receive an e-mail with the exact parking location, parking instructions, and your reservation number. Simply drive to that location and show them your reservation number, and you'll be on your way!

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