Lori Prokop offers Tips on How to Overcome Sadness and Grief

Lori Prokop shows how connection to your Higher Power can help you have a better life.

Bruce, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/22/2006 --“Dealing with sadness and grief can feel overwhelming, but there are answers,” says Lori Prokop. “Here are 6 tips for overcoming sadness and grief that you may find helpful and healing.”

Healing Sadness and Grief Tip #1

Lori Prokop says, “Do not feel ashamed of your sadness and grief by trying to contain or hide it. Tears are meant to cleanse and relieve. Cry out your pain. Pray out your grief. Peace will come.”

Healing Sadness and Grief Tip #2

“For your own healing, continue on with a life of activities as before. Or you may consider finally doing what you have wanted to do for years,” advises Lori Prokop.

“If you have lost a loved one, know he or she would want you to carry on. Whether here or there, he or she really wants what is best for you.”

Healing Sadness and Grief Tip #3

“Refrain from saying you have ‘lost’ your loved one. A line of poetry says, ‘Love cannot lose itself.’ You have not lost. Rather, your loved one is living in a new dimension, yet still close to you,” Lori Prokop offers.

Healing Sadness and Grief Tip #4

“Often the best way to overcome our own sadness and grief is to help someone else feel better. What we give out into the world comes back ten-fold. That includes the love and help we extend to another,” Lori Prokop reminds.

Make a list of all the people you know who are feeling sadness or grief. Next to each name write something nice you can do to brighten his or her day. As you follow through with the list of actions, you will find healing, peace, gratitude and comfort in doing so.

Healing Sadness and Grief Tip #5

“Humans have incredible resilience,” observes Lori Prokop. “Having faith and connection to a Higher Power of 100% pure light and love can help you feel relief, healing and recovery quicker and easier.”

Healing Sadness and Grief Tip #6

Lori Prokop concludes, “For some people, the greatest sadness and grief relief is found in their spirituality. Some people who have little prior spiritual beliefs seek answer during hardships or loss. Read spiritual books. Listen to spiritual CDs. Watch spiritual DVDs.”

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