Game Studio Fantastic, Yes Reveals Completion of Returner 77 and Announces a Release Date for Second Game

Fantastic, yes is announcing the official release of Returner 77, after testing the soft-release of the game in the market in late 2017. The 3D puzzle game brings premium graphic experiences to mobile devices, and after proving that console quality cinematic experiences are possible on mobile, the studio is already going after a second game.


Copenhagen, Denmark -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/21/2018 --Returner 77 is a sci-fi puzzle adventure game initially released on iOS. The final chapter is a free update to all previous players, and completes the first part of the Returner story. The chapter "The Den" increases the overall play time of the game by over 30%. Fantastic, yes saw positive reception of the first game and recently announced a partnership with 3D animation company M2 Entertainment. The studio is now announcing that the second game within the Returner 77 Universe is already in development. The new game will release this summer - and is set to be a hybrid puzzle adventure game with new elements and life.

The Returner games are set in space, after an alien war devastated earth. As a last effort to save humanity, 8000 sleepers were sent into space with 77 Returner agents tasked to call them back when the time was right. Returner 77 follows the last returner, who awakes docked to the alien ship and discovers that only two returners remain to carry out their mission. 77 needs to follow the mysterious messages left behind by Colonel Ling, Returner 76, to find out if they can still complete their mission.

Quote: "We are delighted by the positive feedback we received on Returner 77. Now Fantastic, yes has partnered with M2, a Danish 3D animation powerhouse so players can expect the worlds that we create to be much more alive and of course, visually fantastic. The next installment of Returner 77 is code named Core Two. It's due out this summer, and will show a whole new way for the genre." - David Fellah

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