'No Phone Zone' Cards Now Available at Yankee Pedlar Realtors in Wolfeboro

Signs allow individuals, families and business owners to designate certain spaces as cell phone-free areas, providing a break from omnipresent technology


Wolfeboro, NH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/13/2018 --In today's technology-obsessed world, it can seem nearly impossible to avoid looking at our cell phones and mobile devices for more than a few minutes at a time. For many of us, it has become a true addiction-even going for a short walk around the block without our phone can give us anxiety.

Amy Knapp and her husband, Geordy Hutchinson, have found an effective solution to help people put down their phones and have real, meaningful conversations once again. At Yankee Pedlar, the oldest real estate brokerage firm in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, the couple is giving out "No Phone Zone" cards. These signs may be placed in one's home, business or office, providing a clear notice to others that they should turn off or put down their cell phones while in a particular space.

The idea started a few years ago, when Knapp and Hutchinson designated two areas of their home-the porch and the living room-as places where they would not use their cell phones so that they could relax and enjoy one another's company. This rule extended to guests, who found it a little more difficult to comply. When gentle reminders failed to have the right impact, the couple decided to post "No Phone Zone" signs in these spaces to make sure the rule was clear.

Knapp and Hutchinson have found that the phone-free spaces have enriched their lives and made the time they spend together and with loved ones more meaningful. Now, they are sharing the concept with others-and they have found that people have responded in positive ways.

"Technology is an important part of our lives, but when we are spending all of our time staring at our mobile devices, we eventually start missing out on life," said Knapp. "People really love the idea of taking an area of their home or business, and making a commitment to not use cell phones, tablets or laptops in that specific area. It can be a wonderful way to escape technology for a few moments and feel human again!"

Anyone interested in a "No Phone Zone" card can pick one up at Yankee Pedlar, located at 12 Main Street in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Learn more at https://www.yankeepedlarrealtors.com/.

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