Liger Coin Set to Revolutionize Casino Gaming Landscape


St. Julian's, Malta -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/19/2018 --Blockchain technology has left its mark in a number of growing industries with the goal of promoting transparency and improving the overall quality of operation. But perhaps the biggest beneficiary of this exciting innovation is the casino gaming sector. Rife with issues relevant to trust, inadequate security measures and bothersome middlemen, the implementation of blockchain is a perfect solution. Liger Coin ensures liquidity through regular and large acceptance thereby minimizing concerns like privacy, taboo, liquidity, speed of settlement and safety for gaming users.

Liger's goal is directed towards building a strong and seamless control utility that alters the Gaming Industry and eliminates all the intermediaries as well as providing a risk free, transparent and user centric ecosystem. Through decentralization of the online and offline marketplaces, middlemen are left out of the equation. In an era where betting is filled with caution, Liger offers much needed respite. From legal complications to cumbersome payment processing, Liger Coin has arrived to shake the foundations of the casino entertainment industry.

"This! This cryptocurrency is here to change the topography of the online and offline casino gaming industry forever. A revolutionary idea, brought to reality by Blockchain Technology, Liger is the pathway to an unbridled future in exhilarating gaming." – Pratyush Bhartiya, Co-Founder at Liger Coin.

Through its innovative ICO campaign, Liger hopes to fulfill its promises. Cryptocurrency and gaming enthusiasts can join our cause by purchasing exclusive Liger tokens and contributing towards fuelling a better future. As an added benefit, early participants in the ICO can enjoy exciting bonuses and prizes. The door to modern gaming paradise is wide open. Join the ICO now.

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