PubHTML5, a Flipbook Software for Product and Brand Marketing Flipbooks

With PubHTML5, users can promote their brands and products in a flipbook and distribute it across multiple platforms for use on any device.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/26/2018 --Digital transformation has brought around massive change in the ways in which the businesses advertise, new startup and software companies have ramped up their services to enhance their customer experience. PubHTML5 is one of the most prominent flipbook software in the world which provides the tool to convert PDF files into product and brand marketing flipbooks. PubHTML5 also allows its users in digital publications of HTML5 flipbook which can be created for free on PubHTML5 website.

Jason Chen, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of PubHTML5 is taking notable steps in evolving the all in one digital marketing platform for businesses alike. The present software enables enriched digital and interactive magazines, brochures, catalogs etc. that can be used on multiple multimedia devices and Microsoft windows, Android, Apple's Macintosh and iPhone software platforms.

PubHTML5 features unique cloud service where flipbooks can be saved and accessed from any system around the globe. The fully customizable software conversion is applicable for PDF, MS Office, OpenOffice to HTML5 & jQuery based collaborative flipbooks, facilitating custom backgrounds, colored bookmarks, toolbar, custom logos, music, video and personal brand logo for unique marketing.

The advanced technology provides high performance advertising and simplifies use with the click flip icon to go to pages giving the feel of magazine abolishing the old conventional method of scrolling.

Various ecommerce and press release publication organizations have utilized PubHTML5 due to its unmatched reliability, security and ease of access. Google Analytics gives the impressions summary of the performance of the file online, thus assisting in planning and formalizing future strategies digital marketing of companies and individual businesses. Multiple entities use PubHTML5 converted free flipbook for website search optimization using text version of generated magazines through search engine optimization (SEO).

The command line mode is a unique feature that allows users to modify and create online flipbooks without need of opening the windows applications. With a customer base of 60,000 public and private business enterprises and entities PubHTML5 has transformed the online marketing with whooping number of 9,043,110 flipbooks.

The software is available online to download from the below link:

About PubHTML5
Being a world leading technology provider, PubHTML5 offers digital publishers around the globe cost-effective and user-friendly software solutions for digital publishing. The platform makes a revolution in the industry by enabling people without any technical education to convert any static printed material into a thrilling and intriguing digital publication that would keep the interest of readers of all ages.

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