Software Company Counters AI Disruption on Labor Market with Non-Profit Solution

Software Company, Nexeraa Technologies, have come up with a non-profit solution to counter the effects of the increasing rise of the Robotic Automation in the labor market.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/27/2018 --The World Economic Forum forecasts that more than 5 million jobs in 15 leading countries will be lost by 2020 as a result of the rapid increase of artificial intelligence and robots. But even more alarming are estimates from Bofa Merill Lynch Global Research reporting that AI automation currently accounts for about $14 trillion of disruptive impacts on manufacturing. This scale of invasion is already reflected in lower salaries and if not addressed will ultimately lead to full scale unemployment.

As a leading software company, Nexeraa Technologies recognises the impending economic impact on humans. Consequently, the company is on a mission to give everyone a fighting chance at economic survival by empowering them with a free software program to ensure that they stay relevant.

The program dubbed Nexeraa Aatos will be an open sourced community powered drag-and-drop automation platform that will provide access to better education and training and tech enabled economically relevant services free of cost to ensure their relevance in this fast paced digital age. Users can drag-and-drop what they would like the application to mimic through a desktop, and sit back while the software provides the support and confidence they need to feel valued in a digital age.

Questioned about the motivation to develop the platform, Founder and owner of Nexeraa Technologies, Novem explained: "We wanted to pre-emptively to do something about the impending robotics age by unleashing the creative entrepreneurial potential in everybody and show them how technology can improve their lives and be a catalyst for change in society. We proudly program for humanity and not for profit."

To make this program a reality, Nexeraa Technologies has turned to crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, to fund the project. The company has a campaign goal of $150,000 which will go towards monthly operations, consisting of video production, hardware and software development, along with what the staff needs to maintain, monitor, and grow what will be regarded as the Free Community Platform. The campaign is slated to start on April 9 and Nexeraa is relying on the kind support of backers to flip the script on AI and Robotic Automation.

About Nexeraa Technologies
Nexeraa Technologies is an open-sourced, non-programmer's freeware development platform that is seeking to transform the lives of everyday people in our world today. Developed with everyday people in mind, Aatos, this drag-and-drop software solution will be freely accessible through the Free Community Platform. Regular people can go into Aatos, drag-and-drop what they would like the application to mimic through a desktop, and sit back while the software provides the support and confidence these people need to feel valued in a digital age.

Nexeraa will be hosting a crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo, to complete May 9, 2018.

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