Wind & Solar Energy Coin(WSEC) Issued for Mongolian Future Market Planning and Layout

After oil coin, another digital currency is issued for feasible solution to economic crisis.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/04/2018 --Sun Road Trade, a green company founded in 2015, recently released Wind Solar Energy Coin(WSEC). It will affect the Strategic Situation of Mongolian Currency.

Under the influence of the United States, many countries are faced with the financial crisis and the collapse of the national economy, such as Venezuela, which was previously known as the paradise.After several years of financial counter-war, Venezuela broke through the US economic blockade to issue the world's first legal digital currency "oil currency" to achieve the possibility of breaking the situation.As the same the country that is under the current economic impact, it seems that Mongolia wants to emulate and follow in the footsteps by the introduction the very strong "Mongol Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC)". There is almost identical similarity no matter it is from the background or the type of currency. So after the oil currency, it seems that the Mongolian Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC) is expected to become the next legal digital currency.

Forming background of Mongolian Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC), big promotion by Mongolian rich energy.

More and more countries are affected under the influence of the new global economy. As a country rich in resources, life in Mongolia are not rich and it is even excluded by the international powers, which leads to a declining domestic economy and the emergence of overburdened foreign debt .Under the influence of this kind of economic subject, the emergence of Mongolian Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC) can increase the foreign exchange liquidity of the government and partly realize the function of cross-border payment.

Earlier, at a conference on sustainable human development and the use of renewable energy, which was organized jointly by the representative office of the United Nations Development Programme in Mongolia and the Government of Mongolia, deputy minister of energy of Mongolia, Dorji Pureb said that"Mongolia has abundant renewable energy and the government has made the development and utilization of renewable energy a priority in its energy policy". The meeting was devoted to the development and utilization of renewable energy in Mongolia, how to improve the efficiency of energy use and the promotion of sustainable human development.At this meeting, it seems that we can also explore some clues, Mongolia is using its own resources to overcome the current economic difficulties.

About WSEC
How to generate new capabilities ?Mongolia's response by Mongolian Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC)

For a long time, Mongolian citizens have been suffered from the shortage of food and medicine because of price control and the economic isolation of the United States.Therefore, the national government hopes to break this situation by means of new currency, such as the introduction of cryptographic currency, which is also supported and recognized by the prime minister and promotion of neighboring countries.As an important turning point for Mongolia to try to change from "despair" to encrypting money and silver, Mongolian Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC) is also the carrier of high hopes and economic hopes for the future.

The Mongolian government said it will be more than 2 million Mongolian currency users, which is the 2/3 of the Mongolian population and will promote the use of Mongolian currency internationally.At the seventh special meeting of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (Alba), Hartma Bartulga called on all countries of the Alliance to use Mongolian currency in order to promote regional economic integration.It is reported that 15% of the proceeds from Mongolia will be invested in R & D, 15% will be invested in digital encryption and 15% will be invested in Mongolian wind related projects. The remaining 55% will enter the national sovereignty fund.It is believed that the emergence of Mongolian Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC) may be a truly historic turning point for Mongolia.

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