Abacre, SARL. announces the release of new major version 3.0 of Advanced Find and Replace software

Paris La Defense Cedex, France -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/13/2006 --Abacre, SARL. announces the release of new major version 3.0 of Advanced Find and Replace software

Save Precious Time Searching and Replacing Text in Multiple Files!

Why spend hours searching for data in numerous files when you can do it within seconds? Advanced Find and Replace, by Abacre, SARL., is a powerful search tool that saves you endless hours searching, replacing or inserting specific words or phrases. Without such a tool, most people spend a lot of time manually opening files and searching, inserting or replacing text. This is extremely time consuming and frustrating, especially when you can’t find what you want in the limited time you have or need to stay back late because you need to find, replace or insert text in numerous files. With Advanced Find and Replace, you could do it all within seconds for all related files, automatically!

Advanced Find and Replace supports searches in .doc, .xls .htm, .html, .asp, .txt documents and is capable of searching other file formats by opening them in ASCII. Users of Advanced Find and Replace include programmers, webmasters, lawyers, accountants, academics, students, secretaries, writers or simply anyone who needs a reliable search-and-replace tool to handle multiple files effectively. New version of the program gives a possibility to search and replace in Microsoft Word and Excel files.

Search Functions
Like any search engine on the Internet, you can enter keywords and apply operators. For example, you can specify phrases using (“ ”), words to insist on (+), and words to ignore (-). Also, the program fully supports the use of wildcards for narrowing your searches to certain file extensions. You may also search by date, period and file size.

Powerful Replacement Functions
Simply enter the text or code you want to find. Next, simply delete it or enter the text that you want to either replace with or insert.
Advanced Find and Replace will do this action across multiple files.

Time Saver
Speed is important, especially for Webmasters and Programmers who need to replace or insert text across perhaps hundreds of files often. With its batch replace operation, webmasters can easily replace or update hundreds of different links in several files, while programmers can easily port files into another programming language. You can save the results in XML and other formats. Also works with command line parameters.

New version introduced many new features:
* Searching in search results and in list of selected files;
* Enhanced user interface now supports different themes;
* Smart file mask and search paths selection;
* Find operation now supports search with regular expressions (RegExp).

The best way to learn about new features is to see the interactive flash movie using Internet Explorer:
(Note: Macromedia Flash Player should be installed on your computer in order to see this movie). Or you may download the whole flash file:
(file size 1.58 MB)

Advanced Find and Replace is fast, easy to use and comes with extensive help documentation. It is truly a great time-saver for programmers, webmasters and virtually anyone.

5 stars ZDNet, 5-smileys Rocketdownload, 5 cows Tucows, 5 stars
Webattack, 5 stars FileTransit.

All awards:

US$29.99. Demo version is limited to 21 days trial

System Requirements
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. Pentium Processor, 16MB RAM, 2MB HD

Program URL: http://www.abacre.com/afr/index.htm
Download Link: http://www.abacre.com/afr.zip (1.19 MB)
Install/Uninstall included
Screenshot Link: http://www.abacre.com/afr/screenshot.gif

Roman Vasin
Abacre, SARL.
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92084 Paris La Defense Cedex
Email: pr@abacre.com
URL: http://www.abacre.com
Fax: +1(815)361-9181

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