Tragl, the First Hands-Free, Live Translator Will Revolutionize the Way We Communicate

Backers can support Tragl on their Indiegogo page from May 15, starting at 164$ for the Super Early Bird adopters. Tragl is the most convenient hands-free and live translator; currently, there is no other device like this one on the market.


Andorra la Vella, Andorra -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/09/2018 --Tragl is the first hands-free live translator; a compact and accessible device that lets you just step up and start a conversation in a foreign language through its patented audio system that transmits your translation via a loudspeaker and the reply is translated to your earpiece. The crowdfunding campaign is starting on May 15 on Indiegogo to bring down language barriers.

Tragl stands for Global Translator and is the smartphone accessory that will end the so-called "language barrier". Ideal for everyday users, it's designed for anyone who needs to communicate in a different language and, in many different current situations. Whether running a business, traveling, learning a new language or in case of emergencies abroad; all you need to use Tragl is Bluetooth and an app on your smartphone. To start the conversation, simply connect via Bluetooth the Tragl hands-free headset to your smartphone, load the app, select your native tongue and the language you wish to speak, talk normally onto the front microphone and the built-in speaker will translate immediately what you just said. When the person you're talking replies, you will hear the response directly into your ear.

Tragl is the most convenient hands-free translator; currently, there is no other device like this one on the market. You only need one device to communicate and it's not intrusive because you don't have to ask anyone to plug in an earbud. It also has a built-in, noise-canceling microphone that deletes the interferences from the environment and a two-way voice recognition feature that identifies the voice of the two people that are having the conversation and discards other voices nearby.

The app has a list of 30 languages from which to select, and soon this list will be increased.

Alex Shchipanov, Founder at Tragl Tech, explains: "This is the only two-way translator ever developed because you only need one device to communicate. We started this project in 2015 and, bringing this device to life, we want our users to forget the phrase 'I don't understand' - now they will have Tragl. We can't wait to share it with the Indiegogo community and have them help develop this exclusive technology with us".

"Tragl is compact and lightweight. Similarly, it is very power efficient, its battery will give you 4 hours of autonomy." explains Alex Shchipanov,; "We believe this accessory will make the life of many people easier, since it can facilitate the work of law enforcement and doctors in case of emergencies, as well as travelers around the globe who wish to communicate flawlessly throughout their trip".

Backers can support Tragl on their Indiegogo page from May 15 starting at 164$ for the Super Early Bird adopters.

About Tragltech
TRAGL is a tech startup based in Andorra. Its founder Alex, loves to travel the world but always faced the struggle of the language barrier. He came up with the idea of a light and useful device that could make his and everyone's life a bit easier in this sense. He gathered a team of experts from England and Spain to help him fulfill this dream. Together they had the vision and expertise in product manufacturing, software, and robotics to redefine the world of instant translation. They managed to make a prototype of a simple, yet useful device to help anyone communicate better in this globalized world.

The Tragltech team has tested the technology, hardware and software and they are ready to start the process of manufacturing. After 3 years of a design and engineering process trying many prototypes, materials, designs, they have a perfect fit for people all over the world trying to get through conversations in a foreign language. Through this crowdfunding campaign, they hope to make Tragl a reality. Travelers, culture lovers and best dealers are being called to back Tragl and get this Live Translator for the best price it will ever be.

It's time we forget about language and engage in communication.

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