X-Panda GMTK Changes the Field of Traditional Game with Innovative Game Rules

Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/24/2018 --Singapore Xingji Blockchain Limited Company is led and created by a professional group with years of rich practical experience in the Internet industry. New blockchain game X-panda is one of their outstanding works. It integrates qualities of play-ability, excellent visual effect and great innovation.

The continuous development and widespread popularity of blockchain technology has brought a broad desvelopment prospect for the blockchain industry, blockchain game, a booming emerging market, is attracting blockchain capital to enter, all internet giants are joining in this market, other capable teams are not willing to fall behind, Singapore Xingji Blockchain Co. Ltd. has incorporated blockchain technology into e-sport and created the world's first competitive game that integrates blockchain technology and competitive game – xpanda xpanda gmtk, aiming to make phenomenal blockchain application and scene service that is distinct from traditional games with blockchain technology.

xpanda xpanda gmtk has innovatively combined blockchain pets, competitive game and mining for the first time, which guarantees the player both rich experience and actual revenue, a distinct difference comparing with other games, distinctive and rich game elements have been added into xpanda gmtk including magic, bloodline, algebra etc., The Number One Martial Arts Society set up in the game makes it very competitive and interesting, the unique setting of token consumption has increased the market value of game tokens and rare pets, the elements of transaction, competitiveness, entertainment and actual revenue of this game has ensured that it enjoys the following advantages: fairness, the rules of the game are open and fair, which cannot be changed by the game developer; value circulation and preservation of game assets, players owns and may transfer the xpanda gmtk account and virtual assets, a fixed quantity of virtual assets was set when the game was launched so that the value of virtual assets of players can be preserved or even increased.

Therefore, xpanda xpanda gmtk, with the use of blockchain technology, can ensure that the virtual assets of players will not be tampered, instead, it can be transferred or traded, which means the virtual assets has the function of real assets.

These characteristics of xpanda gmtk have opened a whole new world to the entire game industry, with the maturity of blockchain technology and the improvement of environment, the blockchain game, focusing on the features of blockchain technology, put the core assets rules of the game on the chain so as to keep the rules open, fair and transparent and solve the problem of inflation of traditional games, thus the value of the virtual assets of players can be preserved and continuously increased.

The development goals of xpanda gmtk can be divided into three stages, each stage will last for one year. The first stage is to become the largest blockchain competitive game product of the world; the second stage is to become the blockchain competitive game product with the largest number of active users; the third stage is to create the most valuable platform for virtual characters.

About Blockchain Games
In commercial application fields of blockchain technology such as the fields of finance, game, culture and entertainment etc., blockchain technology was first used in the industry of game plus blockchain, it needs to jump out of the model of traditional games and break the current limits, which means new opportunities and challenges, one can only take initiative by seizing opportunities based on the judgement of a good development prospect for game plus blockchain technology, the appearance of xpanda gmtk has paved the way for the industrialization of blockchain plus game, expanded the system of tradition games and the system of game economy and set up the industry standard and development direction for the industry of blockchain game.

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