HJIG Chain Promotes Development of Automotive Aftermarket

Beijing, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/11/2018 --HJIG chain is focusing on automotive aftermarket service. Their strong team has been focused on the issue of lacking of talents that restricts the development of the blockchain. HJIG chain owns advantage from its resources of human talents.

Block chain market is changing different industries, and our lives are constantly changing. Many insiders in the industry are very bullish on the prospect of it like the auto industry, but it also puts forward the development of many related requirements.Block chain can indeed make auto industry development get better , but a lot of people think this is just a kind of ideal state, it also need to have more specifications to let the market continuously improved. According to the current market, it may not transform the car industry quickly. HJIG focused on trillions level automobile industry, It combines artificial intelligence, big data analysis, internet of vehicles technology and block chain. It creates a unique interactive block chain synthesis system in order to make up for the deficiencies in the current market. It is based on decentralization and service to many car owners in the aftermarket service chain.

HJIG chain continuously conducts research and market research through comprehensive big data analysis and current automobile market problems. Finally, a set of perfect market system is created by integrating the development trend of automobile field and future Internet. In the automotive aftermarket service mainly has eight main aspects, they are respectively automotive Internet electricity, second-hand car trading, the financial industry, car, car rental business, auto parts, automotive supplies automotive culture, car modification decoration beauty, car maintenance business, after the car market also decided to profit maximization of the whole industry chain.According to HJIG chain data analysis, automotive aftermarket service will have more than a trillion market opportunities. Whoever seizes the market first will have the opportunity to truly grasp the best business opportunities.In the future, the automobile market will surely develop better than before, with more and more ecosystem system and framework.Solving the problems that car owners care about one by one, and truly build a blockchain platform with Internet value.

In fact, during the development of the entire Chinese automobile market, more people will surely see the business opportunities, and the HJIG chain is just one of them. However, it is precise because HJIG chain has advanced technology and innovative value, and it is good at integrating resources. The future market will be built up faster and better through the reasonable layout of traditional businesses. HJIG chain has been a very mature business plan from analysis of automobile market development, the design idea as well as the solution. It can also from the aspects of core value and the differentiation of a detailed analysis and digital comprehensive research. It is surrounded by data ecological people who can cooperate with each other, form ecological complementarity, promote the progress of the industry and make people's travel more convenient and safer in the future.

The HJIG chain platform will become a comprehensive service platform for the whole operation period of the automobile market in the future. It would put the auto parts business, the wash, insurance companies, banks and national regulators and manufacturers such as businesses together, it also would like to build a complete chain integration services through the platform.In the future, The HJIG chain will also introduce token money, and each production link will be supervised by the platform. A brand new block chain eco-car market will be opened.We also have reason to believe that the HJIG chain will certainly change the future development direction and road of the entire automobile market!

About HJIG Chain Team
With the management of Tang Liang and the effort of every member of the HJIG chain team? HJIG chain of Atlas international group has strong strength in the market operation and application scenario implementation at its start. HJIG chain will bring opportunities for solving the current block chain embarrassing situation. It brings more possibilities for the implementation of the "block chain + automotive aftermarket" business model.

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