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10 Habits for Better Sleep Presented in Latest Article from the Sleepy Shopper

Blog explains ten researched-backed habits people can adopt to sleep better.


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/04/2014 --Though today’s busy, always-on culture often loathes rest, the necessity of better sleep habits is becoming increasingly undeniable. Studies from recent years link sleep with multiple aspects of health, happiness and safety, continuously highlighting the importance of this basic function. Sparked by estimations that sleep problems affect up to 60% of Americans at some point, rest is becoming an important focus of public health campaigns as well.

The Sleepy Shopper, a blog on sleep and related products, recently published an article designed to encourage readers to sleep better and promote awareness. Published May 29, the post, “Habits that Help You Sleep Better,” looks at ten approachable behaviors people can adopt to improve rest, each backed by research. Sleep hygiene, the science of improving sleep quality and duration, provides the basis for the article.

Habits discussed include both simple fixes and long-term lifestyle changes that researchers have linked with better health. From prioritizing sleep and looking at the essential function in a more positive light, to setting a normal schedule and getting regular exercise, the blog explains several paths to better rest and includes a wealth of helpful links and research to support points. Environmental factors like electronics, bedrooms, and the importance of a comfortable mattress are highlighted by The Sleepy Shopper as well.

Interested readers can browse several other articles on sleep, mattresses and other rest-related subjects on The Sleepy Shopper’s website, and the blog also invites readers to participate in a poll and share their own better sleep tips.

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