100% Protection from Malware & Ransomware Attacks with Intelligent Storage from FilingBox

Ransomware Attacks are Hitting our Businesses, Schools, Hospitals & Government Offices.


Eastvale, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/17/2021 --The current Cyber-defense technology consists of both network & endpoint protection which are used against ransomware that encrypts and/or steals the data.

Typical endpoint protection technology examines programs installed and running on a PC or server and stops them when they are judged to be malicious, while the network protection technology examines all data packets sent and received and stops them when they are judged to be malicious.

Both methods require a huge amount of computing resources to examine every program or packet but have limited accuracy. If the judgment standard is too strict, the defense will increase, but it will hinder the performance of the task.

FilingBox ( has supplied network storage technology for the past 20 years, and now is a hot topic in the security industry as it launches a new storage protection technology that innovates defense without using unnecessary computing resources.

In this method, only legitimate programs can read and write data to network storage, so data can be protected 100% safely from either ransomware or data stealing malware without wasting computing resources. What's more, the protective technologies work in a different manner than network or endpoint protection, so they can be used together.

FilingBox is currently being used by the Korea National Oil Corporation, the National Statistical Office, city halls, county offices, and securities companies; where data security is important, and it is possible to experience it with cloud-based protection.

The company is offering a free license to demonstrate the strength of its technology. If you want to take advantage of this offer, please contact me.FilingBox Product details