$12,000 USD for a Single Photo Upload? Current Marketing Trend Turns Regular Joes Into Money Making Machines

In a world where social media is king and a virtual “nobody” can become famous overnight, owner, and operator, David Kosiba says only the famous need not apply when it comes to making thousands of dollars to upload an Instagram photo.


Tarnow, Malopolska -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/08/2016 --In the digital age where news travels faster than the time it took to make it, most know their way around social media like the back of their hand. But do they know that social media marketing can net users a hefty payday? Makes one wonder if that code can be cracked by anyone without a steady place in the zeitgeist and the bank account to prove it. According to the research of D'Marie Analytics, celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, or Rihanna make five to six figures for a single social status update. Regardless if it's Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, or Twitter, all it takes is one upload to net them more than most Americans make in a year. The good news is, recent marketing methods reveal that this money making machine isn't exclusive to celebrities. "Regular Joes," even with very little experience in social media, are getting in on the action. It's all thanks to a little big thing called influencer platforms.

David Kosiba, owner, and operator of, said of the increasing trend, "The lucrative side of social media is being infiltrated by everyday people, due to the recent sprout of available resources and guides that reveal just how easy it is to 'make it' in this medium. The concept is quite simple. It combines the influence of celebrities and the advertising power of companies. Think of it like this. It's natural that businesses need exposure to survive and famous people with a large following can fulfill that need. However, these days, influence isn't exclusive to celebrities. Anyone with a large social following, whether he is a famous world-known actor or a 14-year-old YouTuber streaming video games, is considered influential."

So how can an everyday social media user, with no social presence, earn like the celebrities do? It's easier than one would think. They do it by buying already established social media properties. It turns out influence is not only lucrative; it's also for sale.

Social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Vine with a large following are now referred to as properties. And these properties are sold and resold at popular websites such as, or Catering to all budgets, these companies provide influential accounts on every popular platform that just happen to be up for sale. With little investment, anyone can get a large social following immediately. And that not only opens the doors, it translates to advertising dollars.

Kosiba adds, "Obtaining influence is the hardest part. But once you become the proud owner of a vast amount of followers, getting advertisers' offers is easy. That's all thanks to the growing popularity of influencer platforms. Influencer platforms are simply websites that connect influential people to advertisers. Currently, some of the best-rated influencer platforms are Socialix, BrandBacker, Content BLVD, and FameBit. All it takes is a simple sign up, then connecting your social account, and waiting for the offers to roll in. The amount of income will depend on the size of your social property, engagement levels and niche. The more desirable your social profile is, the more offers you will receive. For example, one of the top influencers on Socialix currently makes 12,000 USD per a single Instagram post. He isn't a movie star, he isn't a rapper, and he isn't a famous athlete. He simply has a very large and active Instagram account, which features over eight million fans."

With all that said, just like in life, it's not all smooth sailing. Buying influential properties takes time and money. Because of availability issues, wait times to purchase such accounts can get lengthy. Additionally, a good property can range anywhere from $5-50K USD. But considering the return on investment, most people can recoup their money within a relatively short time span, providing that advertisers continue to find their properties desirable.

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