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Celebrating 15 Years of the Trucker Series of Trailer Access

Innovative Access Solutions, LLC is celebrating 15 Years of The Trucker® Series of Ladders. The Trucker® Series of Ladders provides safe and efficient truck trailer access to improve workplace fall protection safety.


Clarkson, KY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/16/2014 --Innovative Access Solutions, LLC (IAS®) is an industry leader with proven expertise developing safety access equipment across industries. Our products are safe, versatile and durable to help businesses meet safety goals and OSHA access requirements while keeping workers injury-free and efficient.

IAS® produces and distributes The Trucker® Series of Trailer Access Products, including truck trailer ladders, work access platforms and storage racks. The Trucker Series products are safety-engineered with three points of contact, slip resistant tread, and Extra Heavy Duty ANSI Rated weight support. Trucker Ladders feature wide staircase-style steps and ‘unbreakable’ mounting hooks. Over the years we have expanded the product line while further improving safety and durability. We are excited to celebrate 15 years of The Trucker Series, made possible by a focus on safety and customer relationships.

The Trucker® Series through the Years

September 1999 -- The Trucker I 6900 flatbed trailer ladder was introduced and ANSI rated @ 300 lbs.

2004: The original Cast Aluminum Trucker I mounting hooks were changed to CNC Billet, an ‘unbreakable’ hook

2007: Roll Tarp Trucker was introduced, engineered specifically to provide safe access to Tarp Trailers

2007-2009: With the brand strengthened as a result of the ‘unbreakable’ mounting hooks and having developed several strong relationships with large established businesses, Trucker® began to take off
--Drop Deck Trucker was introduced, engineered specifically to provide safe access to DropDeck Trailers
--The four step ECO Trucker, a simpler box van and utility truck ladder, was developed and ANSI rated @ 375 lbs

2010: The 4 Step Trucker ladder was created for access to crane trucks and taller trailers

2011: As Trucker Series expanded, Storage Solutions and Mounting Options became a product development focus
--Ladder Storage Racks were developed in Upright and Shelf variations, providing lockable and portable solutions
--The Utility Trucker was introduced as a mounted Trucker ladder option that pivots up 180 degrees for deck storage
--The Steel Mounting Bracket was introduced for mounting Trucker ladders when stake pockets are unavailable

2011-2012: Mobile Flatbed Work Platforms with Safety Rails were engineered as a custom product request and became a standard product in the Construction, Mining, Transportation, and Manufacturing industries
--October 2011: The 4’ Platform with CNC billet hooks was designed and ANSI rated at 3-Man (3000 lb.) capacity
--August 2012: The 8’ Work Platform was designed and ANSI rated at 3-Man (3000 lb.) capacity

2013: Trucker Series ladders were ANSI rated at 375 lbs. Type IAA Special Duty, the highest rating available

The Trucker® Series: Looking forward to 15 more years

Today The Trucker® Series of ladders, storage racks and work platforms is capable of equipping most any truck fleet or stationary truck with fall protection equipment that is convenient, versatile and durable. This growth is in large part a result of relationships with customers that were willing to share their needs and provide us with the opportunity to meet them. We would like to thank our loyal customer base for helping us achieve the goal of making The Trucker an established and respected name in trucking fall protection safety, and invite new customers to contact our sales team.

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