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$1M Recovered for Family Injured in Recreational Jet Boat Tour


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/17/2016 --Attorney Matthew Shaffer obtained a $1 million dollar settlement for a family of passengers who were seriously injured when a commercial jet boat crashed into the shoreline. The Florida couple and their three minor children signed up for a recreational tour of Lake Fontana, North Carolina as part of their family vacation. During the tour, the poorly trained operator misjudged a turn and struck a rock outcropping on the shore. All five family members were thrown into open water, and the couple's 9 year old son suffered multiple fractures to his face and body. After two years of tense litigation, Attorney Matthew Shaffer negotiated a $1 million dollar settlement against the owner and operator of the jet boat tours.

Because businesses often hide behind a web of complicated financial structures, Attorney Matthew Shaffer used the law to investigate the tour operator and uncover his financial assets. These efforts enabled him to identify all responsible parties and select the most favorable venue for his clients. Testimony and records obtained in the case showed that the recreational boat tours were run in an unsafe and reckless matter. A lack of proper training and inadequate restraints on the aluminum jet boat were just some of the factors that put his clients at risk and ultimately led to their injuries. Perhaps the most disturbing detail of all was that the Captain fled the scene of the accident, and left the family stranded in the water following the collision.

In addition to establishing fault, Attorney Matthew Shaffer had to perform the difficult task of assessing the impact of the traumatic event on his clients. All five family members received medical treatment, but some of them required extensive and costly treatment for months. The youngest boy suffered the most critical injuries, requiring multiple surgeries and treatment by various specialists. Matthew Shaffer retained the help of experts and medical professionals to assign a value to the damages suffered by his clients. Among them, a life care planner was designated to perform an analysis of the young boy's future medical needs. Such experts and medical professionals are necessary to satisfy the requirements placed by courts and insurance companies in analyzing economic damages. In the end, the family's lawsuit settled for the full amount of the jet boat operator's liability insurance.

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