World Memory Tournament Federation

1st Annual International Memory Tournament Draws Mental Competitors to Chicago

Discovery Center Hosts First Head-to-Head Competition Open to Public Registration


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/14/2014 --Put on your thinking caps and start your mental engines: the First Annual International Memory Tournament will be held October 18, 2014 at the Discovery Center in Chicago. Registration is open to the public, and students, teachers and memory enthusiasts from around the world are already training for the competition. Organized by the World Memory Tournament Federation (WMTF) and hosted by Dave Farrow, the Guinness record holder for greatest memory, the event brings high level brain training to the masses and empowers lifelong learning. To register to attend or compete, visit

For the first time ever, newcomers to brain training will join memory sport veterans in the only official memory competition that places no limits on nationality or memory training experience. The Chicago event will follow traditional procedure established by WMTF, in which two players attempt to memorize a group of information in a short time, and go back and forth recalling a fact at a time like a game of mental chess.

“Usually mental sports are dry affairs, so we have designed this event to be the most interactive, enegetic and exciting memory competition ever,” said Farrow, host and co-founder of WMTF. “We value memory development in education, and the tournament’s open registration is just one of our many efforts to bring brain training to the public and to help struggling learners.”

For more info on rules and techniques to use during game play, or to join the memory movement visit

About Dave Farrow
Dave Farrow earned the Guinness World record for memory by recalling the exact order of 59 decks of shuffled playing cards. He created 'The Farrow Method' to help combat his severe dyslexia and ADHD and this is now a certifiable memory system backed by a double blind neuroscience study at McGill University. Dave has been featured guest on Dr. Oz, The Today Show, Discovery Channel and many others.

About WMTF
The World Memory Tournament Foundation works to democratize practical memory and empower lifelong learning through positive, open and growth-oriented events and associations. WMTF was founded in 2013 by Dave Farrow, Guinness record holder for greatest memory, a Silicon Valley tech guru, a neuroscience professor and a lawyer.