2 Time Emmy Award Winner Katreese Barnes Presents 'Welcome 2 My House', a Platform for Emerging and Existing Music Artists


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/15/2017 --Welcome 2 My House is the name of a live-streamed music show created and filmed by two-time Emmy award winner, Katreese Barnes, in her very own living-room. The idea of the show is to surprise someone who has recently faced a life challenge with a wonderfully uplifting moment. They receive a surprise visit from their favorite musician or artist. They are then serenaded, live, and get to experience being immersed in the healing power of music.

Each guest artist is backed up by Katreese and her houseband, ChamberFusic, a string quartet, with piano, bass, and percussions. Katreese is a Grammy nominated Pianist, Producer, Music Director and Composer and has written songs for artists including Chaka Khan, Roberta Flack and Justin Timberlake.

In a time where playlists on radios are repeated over and again, Welcome 2 My House will be a vehicle to feature up and coming talent, as well as established artists, and allow them an opportunity to take the spotlight and showcase their music.

"Artists who appear on Welcome 2 My House will raise awareness of their talent and their music as the audience engage with the story that unfolds on their screen," said Katreese, the creator of Welcome 2 My House. "At the same time, the show will emphasize the need to purchase artist's work, rather than just stream it, to enable those artists to gain the recognition they truly deserve."

Some of the artists already featured include; Tony Terry, soul, new jack swing singer; October London, singer, songwriter, producer and actor (Empire); Valerie Simpson, legendary songwriter and producer; Victoria Canal, Spanish-American singer songwriter; Peter Collins and Internet sensation Will Gittens.

The makers of the show have launched a campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds to produce and promote 10 new episodes. Those who donate will be supporting a show that is dedicated to finding the best musicians and writers from all genres and give them a chance to shine. Perks on Indiegogo include opportunities to attend rehearsals for the show, seats for live filming of the show, and a chance to obtain Producer Credit for five or all 10 episodes.

"Our motto is, we're gonna keep the music alive, one living room at a time," concluded Katreese.

The shows producers will be searching for people who have recently faced a life challenge and deserve a poignant and uplifting experience by way of a treasured moment to share with a talented musician, singer or songwriter.