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2015 Is the Hottest Year in History

With record hot temperatures across the globe, staying cool has never been more important.


San Antonio, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/04/2015 --Staying cool in the midst of the hottest time of the year is always a challenge. But in 2015, when the globe has reached record-high temperatures, more and more people are finding it impossible to cool down without air conditioning. While the unrelenting heat presents an uncomfortable inconvenience for some, for others, it means serious harm to health, or even death.

The Hottest Year in History

On January 16, 2015, the Washington Post published an article with this headline: "It's official: 2014 was the hottest year in recorded history." But only months later, other news agencies and scientists around the globe that made declarations that 2015 temperatures were already reportedly higher than those in 2014. And while the year has yet to conclude, if things stay they way that they are, then 2015 will steal 2014's record. But the title isn't a positive one; excessively hot temperatures are costing some people around the world their lives.

Deaths from the Heat

Less developed countries are suffering more than the United States and Europe because so many of us have the benefit of air conditioning to keep our homes and families cooler. The death tolls in India and Pakistan are the most alarming, where more than 2,300 and 1,000 lives have been lost, respectively. In both India and Pakistan, air conditioning is a rare luxury, but one that could save many lives.

While deaths in the U.S. have been fewer, they are no less insignificant to the people they affect. In South Texas, a man and his dog died from heat while trapped inside of a car, and in Texas prisons, at least 14 inmates have died from heat exhaustion over the past eight years. And what's more, 11 children this year have already died in the U.S. as a result of heat exhaustion. When heat exhaustion doesn't result in death, it can cause severe and long-lasting complications for a person, including brain damage.

How People are Beating the Heat this Summer

In the U.S., we are lucky to have access to a variety of amenities and resources to help us beat the heat in the hottest times of the year. As temperatures continue to rise in the San Antonio area and elsewhere, staying cool is of the utmost importance.

This summer, people across the globe are beating the heat by:

- Staying indoors when possible
- Seeking out shaded areas when outdoors
- Never staying in a car without air conditioning during the day
- Staying well hydrated – drink plenty of water
- Making sure an AC is well-maintained and functioning properly
- Never leaving kids or pets unattended in hot areas

For owners of AC systems, make sure to contact a professional air conditioning service for a routine maintenance and inspection.

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Stay Cool This Summer

The hottest year in history is claiming lives and wreaking havoc; remember, a working air conditioning unit could save a life. A working AC is also a future investment; who knows how hot 2016 and so on could be.

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