Extra Mile America

2016 Extra Mile Day Movement Kicks Off; over 1,000 Volunteers to Be Recognized

550 Cities Expected to Celebrate Volunteer Heroes “Going the Extra Mile”


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/14/2016 --Mayors from over 550 U.S. cities are expected to recognize extra-mile heroes in their communities and declare Extra Mile Day on November 1. A growing international movement dedicated to spreading the power of the "go the extra mile" message, Extra Mile Day and its popularity in the U.S. continues to soar. Created in 2009 with 23 inaugural cities, the November 1, 2015, declaration was celebrated by 551 mayors and city leaders.

In association with Extra Mile America, mayors from both sides of the political aisle are coming together to remind people that the greatest success and change in life is created through extra mile effort. At a time when many are demanding changes in service and opportunity, Extra Mile Day celebrates individuals and organizations that have chosen to create positive change in their communities by going extra mile in volunteerism and service.

Extra Mile Day is the vision of motivational speaker and author Shawn Anderson. First spreading the "go the extra mile" message across the U.S. in 2009, Anderson used a symbolic 4,000-mile ocean-to-ocean bike ride. On the solo ride, the non-bicyclist interviewed over 200 people who had been identified as going the extra mile in overcoming setback or who had risked everything in order to accomplish something extraordinary. After the 90-day tour, Anderson personally gave away $10,000 to those people whose stories he found especially inspiring. In 2015, Anderson and his team began to take the message internationally with an "Extra Mile World" speaking tour in the Philippines that drew over 10,000 people.

"The 'go the extra mile' message gives people an option to just throwing their arms in the air and saying 'I give up' when life punches them in the gut," Anderson says. "'Going the extra mile' is about choosing to quit complaining about all that is wrong in our lives and, instead, take action and initiate the change we desire."

"We wait for a government program, a boss, or a spouse to make our lives better. That's the wrong strategy. It's up to us. It's you and me looking in the mirror and saying 'It's my time to make a difference.'" Anderson shares. "Extra Mile Day is a reminder of the power we each have to make change happen when we choose to do more, give more, and go the extra mile."

For more information about Extra Mile Day, visit ExtraMileAmerica.org.