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2018 Made in Missouri Leadership Awards Recipients

Missouri Association of Manufacturers Announces the 2018 MMLA Recipients


Springfield, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/24/2018 --The Missouri Association of Manufacturers (#MAM) congratulates the Missouri manufacturers and individuals named to receive the 2018 Made in Missouri Leadership Awards. The awardees represent outstanding contributions and accomplishments in shaping the future of global manufacturing here in Missouri.

- Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging has received the Domestic Growth Award for demonstrating new or significant domestic growth through products, services, operations and/or facilities. They have increased sales within the United States and outlined a strategy for sustainable domestic growth.

- JSI: Jeffco Subcontracting will take home the Community Impact Award for demonstrating various levels of community involvement on a local, regional and/or State level. JSI is in Arnold, MO and is a sheltered workshop, providing support to manufacturers in the St. Louis region. JSI offers assembly, production and quality workmanship while giving meaningful employment to developmentally disabled adults in Jefferson County.

- CNH Industrial Reman wins the Next Generation Leadership Award for creating a culture of engagement and implementing programs that enable them to attract excellent new talent and create a productive pipeline of next-generation leaders. CNH Industrial Reman believes developing leaders is the best guarantee for future success. Career opportunity and career progression are managed without discrimination by respecting and enhancing diversity. Progress largely depends on the ability to construct a stimulating, dynamic and multicultural company. Through education, training, succession planning, networking and a robust internship program, this process ensures that the leadership pipeline is continuously fed at all levels of the organization.

- 180 Skills LLC will receive the ONESource Outstanding Member Benefit Award. 180 Skills receives this award for their end-to-end manufacturing skills training solution. Their manufacturing skills training system enables employers, educators, and workforce professionals to deliver, on-demand, high-quality, low-cost, skills development. Created with employers, this on-line solution delivers the competencies needed to succeed in a manufacturing career. From online learning to hands-on instruction, they provide all the tools you need to create, grow and retain a skilled workforce.

- Connell Insurance will take home the ONESource Outstanding Member Program Award. Connell Insurance has played a critical role in the development of an affordable and sustainable association healthcare plan (MAM's HEALTHSource a 501©9 trust) for Missouri Manufacturers and MAM Members. Connell Insurance, as an industry leader, has made a personal commitment to partner with MAM to find solutions to help address the insurance needs of Missouri Manufacturers.

- Jeff Cox, Shapiro Metals, will receive MAMBassador of the Year Award. This award was given to Cox for his ongoing dedication and commitment to the growth of the Missouri Association of Manufacturers. As a MAMBassador, Cox understands the importance of the advancement and preservation of the manufacturing industry in our state. With an unquestionable commitment, Cox has stepped up to provide support and visibility to our industry. Traveling around the state, Cox provides MAM information to manufacturers while promoting the value of joining an association that supports the manufacturing industry.

- SRC Holdings Corporation has received the Apprenticeship Program Excellence Award. This award celebrates an apprenticeship program's outstanding contribution to the workplace and to the manufacturing industry, involving exceptional progress in both skills development and studies. SRC Holdings Corporation demonstrates inspirational qualities, offers apprentices a solid foundation of best practices and operations, and is committed to apprentices achieving the best possible results within their chosen framework and long-term commitment to their personal and professional development and progression through learning.

- Workforce Investment Board of SWMO is awarded the Alliance Partner of the Year. Recognizing an outstanding union and support for MAM shown by another organization. This alliance is mutually beneficial between organizations, but this organization has consistently proven their ongoing support of MAM. By working together, our alliance is making the manufacturing industry stronger.

- TG Missouri & Ranken Technical College receives the Workforce Development Program Excellence Award. This award celebrates a program's outstanding contribution to the workplace involving exceptional progress in both skills' development and studies. TG Missouri & Ranken Technical College has demonstrated inspirational qualities and serve as a positive role model for vocational qualifications. They have been committed to achieving the best possible results within the chosen framework and the long-term commitment to personal and professional development and progression through learning. They have developed a strong commitment to the manufacturing industry and promoting apprenticeships and other programs as a gateway for manufacturing careers.

- MilBank Manufacturing Company the Manufacturing Talent Development Award. As a 90-year-old and third generation manufacturer demonstrates, how their approach to skills training and workforce development has improved employee satisfaction, optimized productivity, quality, and increased engagement within the workforce. Their company culture promotes learning, focusing on talent and performance, as well as encouraging openness among employees about their development needs.

- Andy Wake, United Poly Systems will receive the Manufacturing Executive of the Year Award for his tenacity for accomplishing the impossible. His uncanny ideas for development, issue resolution and the many accomplishments he has made in Missouri's manufacturing industry is proof of his commitment to workforce development and sound employee relations. The openness and willingness to communicate that he has fostered throughout the company truly shows how effective his leadership has been.

- The Boeing Company & St. Louis Community College will take home the SKILLSource Initiative Award. For their unique partnership and providing support to microenterprise training programs, workforce and economic development in the region. On May 15 they officially launched the Women in Aerospace Manufacturing (WAM) initiative to encourage women to work in aerospace and manufacturing.

- Michael C Mittler, Mittler Bros Machine & Tool will be awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. Mittler has demonstrated profound and lasting impacts on their stakeholders, company and markets within the manufacturing industry. Through his ideas and actions, they have pioneered new markets, developed new business models, created market-changing products, devised transformative production methods, and significantly enhanced the overall role of manufacturing in society. Mittler has made major accomplishments in Missouri's manufacturing industry and contributed to the advancement of the industry for over 30 years.

- TrippNT wins Small Manufacturer of the Year Award. This premier award recognizes TrippNT for their commitment to business excellence. TrippNT demonstrates the use of effective lean methodologies and techniques that focus on improvements in quality, cost, productivity, physical waste reduction and non-value adding activities, customer service and safety. TrippNT has been committed to innovation, an entrepreneurial spirit, creative solutions to industry-related challenges, supplementing or enhancing best-practice standards an engaged workforce and development of a lasting culture of continuous improvement. TrippNT is a certified woman-owned business, which was named one of the fastest growing private companies in America by Inc. Magazine and been on their list again in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

- Cambridge Engineering receives the Member of the Year Award. This award recognizes Cambridge Engineering for taking an involved role in the continued growth and support of Missouri Association of Manufacturers. Cambridge Engineering has played an interactive role in numerous aspects of the organization, business, events, education, resources and other important components. By working with our staff, Board of Directors and other members, Cambridge Engineering has shown their dedication to improving the manufacturing industry in Missouri.

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