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2020 Amusement Projects in Large Tourist Attractions Worth Looking Forward

The"KingKong Ride"Amusement Equipment


Zhongshan, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/10/2020 --"King Kong"- The Most Anticipated Rides in 2020

2020 is a challenging year, and it is also the year with the fastest rising pressure. In such an economic environment, people need to continually look for different ways to continually relieve their mental stress. The thrilling rides have become one of the irreplaceable ways to decompress.

The development of a theme park and the unique natural landscape is equipped with recreational amusement facilities that can also bring a constant flow of people to the scenic spot. With the rise of short videos, various large-scale and exciting amusement projects have gradually been built into "net celebrity projects", attracting many tourists' attention.

At present, in the well-known scenic spots, you can see characteristic amusement facilities such as glass bridges, zip lines, swings, building jumpers, and jungle roller coasters.

However, with the increase in people's demand, the saturation and similarity of scenic spots are also increasing. How to introduce more novel amusement projects has become the most distressing issue for scenic developers.

Jinbo's "King Kong Return" amusement equipment came into being to solve the trouble of scenic developers.

Jinbo Equipment
"King Kong Returns" is a new thrilling game developed by Jinbo, with a movie as the background theme. A 20-meter-high gorilla was angry with the flying saucer in his arms, and the 60 people in the flying saucer kept swaying, rolling, and screaming always.

The background of the story of "King Kong Returns" is that one day in the future, the earth is invaded by an alien civilization, and human beings are helpless in the face of attacks from strange creatures.

At the critical moment, the friend of humanity "King Kong" returned. A 20-meter-high King Kong volleyed the alien spacecraft and held the alien spacecraft tightly in his hands. The shape of the spaceship flips and shakes in the hands of "King Kong" like a toy. The violent movements made the aliens know how to fear the earth and stay away from the planet.

Product parameter
Cover Area : 25 m x 22 m
Height Dimension : 25 m
Number of seats : 45p
Number of arms : 2
Theoretical hourly capacity : 450pph
Minimum passenger height : 140cm
Total Power : 220kw

Other Amusement Rides
As a top-ranked manufacturer, Jinbo Amusement's main products include a massive roller coaster, children's roller coaster, bumper cars, ocean carousels, luxury double-decker carousels, self-controlled aircraft, music carousel, Crazy Disco, orbital pulley, orbital elephant trains, trackless sightseeing trains, pirate ships, flying chairs, happy bears rotating cups, jumping equipment, pendulum, Ferris wheels, etc.

To Sum Up
As a well-known amusement equipment manufacturer, Jinbo is committed to creating high-quality facilities that best meet people's needs. Innovative shapes, beautiful color matching and dazzling lighting decoration, add beautiful attractions to the theme park. Welcome to get in touch with Jinbo to get the theme park customized plan that best meets your needs.

About Jinbo
Zhongshan Jinbo Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of large dynamic amusement equipment.The business content includes: the theme park total construction service of the theme park planning and design, theme packaging and decoration, amusement equipment manufacturing and installation, and investment operation and management integration.Jinbo Amusement has an independent landscape design and construction company, which can provide one-stop services such as planning and design, construction, project declaration, environmental decoration and equipment supply for tourist attractions and theme parks.

Rich product and complete variety
The products are rich, the variety is complete, and there are many styles to choose from. If you choose to cooperate with Jinbo, you can almost purchase the necessary amusement equipment. You don't need many people or send people to the factory which are in different place for inspection many times, saving manpower and time. And save the economic cost of transportation and communication!

The product quality is guaranteed
Jinbo's suppliers of materials and accessories are first-class big brand suppliers in the industry. All materials and accessories meet the requirements of the national standard, with 3C certification or related certifications! Refuse non-standard products and three-no?no production date, no quality certificate,no factory name?products!

Provide all-round supporting services
Jinbo Company can provide all-round supporting services for customers, provide on-site inspections for customers, plan and design site construction for amusement parks, provide plan design drawings, and provide customers with operations and management excellent case in this industry for reference. A professional after-sales service team provides customers with services including shipment, installation, and maintenance to solve customers' worries!