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21 Changes in Our Daily Lives Are Key to Cancer Prevention Says Nutritionist and Author Dina Khader

March Is Nutrition Awareness Month


Mount Kisco, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/14/2019 --Cancer continues to be the second-leading cause of death in the US. More than 15.5 million Americans — nearly one in 20. The American Cancer Society projected in January, as it released its annual "cancer facts and figures" report, that the disease is now on pace to become the second leading cause of cancer-related death in the U.S. by 2020.

Yet nearly half of US cancer cases and deaths are linked to preventable risk factors. Based on this report 1/3 cancers can be prevented, 1/3 cured and 1/3 having good palliative care.

According to registered dietitian, Dina Khader,MS, RD, CDN, from The Khader Center, whose practice includes counseling oncology patients on their nutritional needs, stresses on the importance of moderate changes in their daily habits as part of the overall program. "Cancer is a complex disease, and not everyone will experience the same level of relief. But I can say, without any hesitation, that a sound nutritional plan can only make things better, and the earlier you start, the more difference we can make. The healthier you are before and during your treatment, the better off you'll be," advises Khader.

Khader adds, "While nutritional therapy can't cure cancer, it can give you back the ability to move through your treatment with more dignity and sense of control."

She advises the following:

Eat local, organically, as often as possible, as pesticides and herbicides are heavily toxic to our immune system.

Exercise daily even if it is just 30 minutes per day. O2 released during exercise is toxic to cancer cells. If you do not belong to a gym, it is best to walk outdoors rather than on a treadmill.

Drink at least 3 mugs of Organic Japanese Green Tea as the catechins in green tea help to prevent the development of cancer cells.

Avoid BBQ, smoked and burnt food as the smoke on the food is toxic to our GI tract and lungs. "It is no different than being a smoker! If you have to eat smoked or BBQ food, limit it to 1x per week max," advises Khader.

Protect your body from Wifi specifically, Electro-Magnetic Radiation, that is detrimental to DNA, by wearing a Zero Point Coin and remediating your cell phone with a Q-Disc.

Steam it up! Switch from roasting to steaming or boiling your food. High cooking temperatures are destructive to the molecular structure of food and put a burden on our digestive system.

Avoid being constipated. Healthy elimination means we should have 2 healthy eliminations daily and having normal stools that sink in the toilet and do not float. Floating stool indicates your diet is too high in fat.

Get deep sleep. The quality of our sleep is more important than the number of hours. "The healthier we are the less sleep we need! Most of us should be on Melatonin not just for deep sleep but as an antioxidant for cancer prevention. Children starting from the age of 13 and older can start on melatonin. It is very safe. Unless you are on bipolar medicine then avoid melatonin," advises Khader.

Do not smoke or be around people who smoke. Smoking of any kind is a serious risk factor for cancer. Even being around a wood burning stove and fireplace with burning wood on a regular basis is a serious lifestyle exposure.

Stay positive attitude and think positive thoughts. Reduce your stress through daily deep breathing and yoga.

Detox your body through weekly baths like Medi-Body Bath and Medi-Soak Bath. This is an easy cost-effective way to keep our bodies clean and strong.

Keep it raw: Eat at least 2/3 of your daily diet in raw fruits and veggies. Try and focus on 5 servings of each.

Avoid refined oil consumption like olive and grapeseed oils. Also, avoid all butter and margarine. All forms of refined oil stress our gallbladder and immune system. This also includes all nuts except soaked Brazil and walnuts. Limit Sprouted Raw Pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Too much dietary fat is a risk factor for all cancers.

Mud up! Have Therapeutic Clay Packs at The Khader Center to detox your lymph nodes, injured sites and surgical sites. This helps to restore the electrical circuit of your body and keep your immune system strong. One mud pack is equivalent to doing an oral detox for 1 year.

Limit refined sugar and dairy products as these foods tax our immune response and are addictive.

Do not use pesticides or herbicides on your lawn.

Avoid underarm deodorant. If you need to use anything best to use Thai Crystal.

No underwire bras for the ladies. The wire in the bra attracts EMF radiation.

Avoid the microwave: Avoid cooking or heating anything in the microwave. The resulting chemical structure of our food is harmful!

Remove your shoes when coming into your house as the soles of the shoes can pick up all contaminates, outdoor pesticides and other chemicals.

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