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212 Technologies: Enhance, Elevate, and Experience More with the Onyx Lifestyle App

Onyx Lifestyle members have successfully solicited customers and grown their businesses globally through the use of the multilingual platform and viral sharing tools.


Missoula, MT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/12/2020 --212 Technologies, LLC reported today on the initial results of the deployment of its business building mobile application for Onyx Lifestyle, Ltd. The companies collaborated from October to December, 2019 to bring to market the fully branded and customized Onyx Lifestyle mobile business building application which had its beta release on January 11, 2020. The full worldwide public launch of the app occurred on February 4, 2020. Additionally, 212 Technologies activated 5 additional mobile updates during the period.

Onyx Lifestyle members have already solicited 1,000's of customers since the launch of the app. The exposure has extended into 15 countries. Critically, the app is powered by 212 Technologies' Language Engine which allows it to operate seamlessly and simultaneously in multiple languages. Onyx Lifestyle has currently configured it for use in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.

The Onyx Lifestyle mobile app is a business building tool, offering advanced Prospect Invitation, Social Publishing, Prospect Management, Team Management, Notification tracking, Account management tools and more, designed to help members quickly expand their results and success. The powerful yet intuitive design is intended to offer a highly duplicatable system anyone can use. The app is "game-ified" to make the experience fun, and was customized for Onyx Lifestyle in a variety of ways including the integration of special badges members can earn by hitting specific milestones.

The app employs "Hub Technology" that allows it to be the center of each member's business. It provides them with all the marketing and sales tools they need, but also directly connects them to the company's back office software as well as the AXIS.io interface.

The Onyx Lifestyle app has received an average user rating of 4.7 – 5.0 on the AppStore and PlayStore.

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