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212 Technologies Epic Mobile App Launch for B-Epic

Initial results from the B-Epic app roll out are turning heads in the Direct Sales industry as customer purchases soar and distributor enrollment swells.


Missoula, MT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/17/2020 --Missoula, MT – March 17, 2020 – 212 Technologies, LLC announced the initial results from the launch of its mobile application for RND Global DBA B-Epic. The companies began the implementation process in October, 2019 and launched the beta release of the app on February 7, 2020. In the first month B-Epic distributors have used it to successfully solicit more than 20,000 customers for the company's ELEV8, ACCELER8, and HYDR8 products. Founded in 2016, B-Epic is currently one of the fastest growing young companies in the Direct Sales industry, on pace for more than $50 million in sales in 2020.

The B-Epic mobile application is a business building breakthrough offering advanced Prospect Invitation, Social Publishing, Prospect Management, Team Management, Notification tracking, Account management tools, Getting Started process, integrated team 3-Way Calling, Training Videos and more. Designed to help distributors quickly expand their results and success, the powerful yet intuitive design provides a highly duplicatable system anyone can use. More than a simple tool, the app utilizes 212's "Hub Technology" which provides distributors direct access to everything they need to run their business on a daily basis from the palm of their hand, including single-click access to their company back office software.

B-Epic CEO, Dan Putnam commented, "I really think this app solves 2 major issues that I believe have been holding most distributors back for years. 1. Analytics: most people are building their business completely blind and have no idea if what they are doing is producing results and 2. Accountability: With this app not only do you have complete analytics on your own marketing but now you have it on your whole team so you can really see who is working and who needs help. Building a Business with B-Epic truly is as easy as telling people to download the app and get started!"

Central to the B-Epic app's design and philosophy, each distributor defines an activity commitment to meet their personal goals. 212 Technologies' powerful Automated Intelligence (A.I.) Engine then goes to work dynamically monitoring business activity and triggers real time notifications to individuals and their teams. The system is highly "game-ified" with engaging sounds, awards, badges, and even fireworks with confetti that keep a smile on your face and make the business building process fun.

212 Technologies President, Camaron Corr remarked, "No one starts a home-based business to create a work-at-home grind they dread each day! People want to have fun while they grow their business, and that's part of the reason the response to this app has been so outspoken and positive."

The app is powered by 212 Technologies' robust Language Engine which allows B-Epic to deploy the business building system and all of the company's marketing materials in multiple languages simultaneously. While currently released in English, B-Epic is preparing to deploy end-to-end content to support Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Russian markets.

During the rapid deployment of the beta phase, 212 Technologies has already published 6 additional app updates to continue to refine content and functionality in response to distributor feedback. The app has already received around 400 ratings and reviews on the AppStore and PlayStore within the first month, with an average 4.9 out of 5.0 star rating.

212 Technologies CEO, Mike Darling added, "We're delighted at the opportunity to assist B-Epic and have been as impressed by the company's vision for the future as we are the field's ability to embrace these powerful tools. The results speak for themselves!"

About B-Epic
B-Epic's commitment is for its customers and Brand Partners to have a truly epic experience. The company is committed to staying on the cutting-edge of health, science, and technology to ensure its members have the best products and business opportunity for the long term. It is passionate about being a world-class brand and business. With decades of experience in the industry, B-Epic's corporate team has successfully launched multiple lines of top performing products generating millions of dollars and helping tens of thousands of people achieve financial independence and time freedom through online businesses. B-Epic's goal is to help people everywhere improve the quality of their lives by providing them with a powerful, proven social-economic platform to reach their full potential. B-Epic has created the best duplication and retention model ever created in Network Marketing and the numbers reflect it. The company has 6 and 7 Figure earners all over the world and the most important part is its mobile app gives everyone the road map to reach their personal goals.

About 212 Technologies, LLC
212 Technologies, LLC is a leading developer of marketing technologies for the direct sales market including web-based software and mobile applications. Its systems have been developed based upon more than 24 years' experience in online marketing and have been accessed by over 20 million system users. Its flagship products leverage cutting-edge technology and provide a comprehensive "end to end" platform, including customer facing websites, back end system management, unique database schema, specialized client and server side scripting, intuitive mobile applications, and a proprietary AI Module ("Automated Intelligence") that monitors data and interacts seamlessly between each system element. For more information, visit https://212technologies.net