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212 Technologies Launches the Paper Gig for Better Planet Paper

The new mobile app invites conservation-minded consumers to join The People's Paper movement to help reverse deforestation, receive free paper products, and become Nature-Neutral. https://BetterPlanet.eco


Missoula, MT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/04/2020 --212 Technologies, LLC announced the launch of of the Better Planet mobile application aimed at empowering consumers of paper products to "change their brand and change the world". With each mobile app download, Better Planet Paper, Inc. will plant a tree on your behalf and provide future rewards.

Better Planet Paper has designed the program to bring awareness to the reality that the average person will consume 350 trees worth of paper products in their lifetime, and provides a way for people to reverse that statistic and actually cause more trees to be planted than they consume. Additionally, by referring other people to one of the most consumable products, you can receive your own toilet paper and paper towels for free. And with each and every shipment, Better Planet Paper works in conjunction with the National Forest Foundation and other tree planting organizations to plant trees in our state and national parks.

Better Planet Paper founder and CEO, Scott Kufus commented, "Everyone wipes! Which means everyone can benefit from this program. 330 million people touch paper products daily in the US. Free paper products now available, delivered right to your doorstep. And with each order, as well as each order from people you refer, and people they refer... you'll be helping to reverse deforestation. With the launch of our incredible mobile app, now is the time to Seed Your Future and come join us in this movement! We expect to enroll over 100,000 in 2020 alone."

Over the past 2 years Better Planet Paper has developed and refined its program, utilizing online platforms and websites provided by 212 Technologies which have successfully enrolled more than 9,000 consumers during beta tests. The deployment of the mobile app is part of a broader strategy by the company to rapidly scale the program in 2020. The initial "Seed Your Future" phase is designed to allow thousands of people to participate at no cost while leveraging viral technology to spread the word to others and become positioned to benefit from the future deployment of free product, gift cards, and financial rewards.

"The Gig Economy is here to stay," remarked Mike Darling, CEO of 212 Technologies. "Over 80 million people in the U.S. are earning a side income, and for those interested in positively impacting the environment while they do so... we've got an app for that!" The Better Planet mobile app is based on over 25 years of proven technology. Intuitive and easy-to-use, it makes sharing information comfortable and facilitates natural communication. 212 Technologies President Camaron Corr added, "Fully game-ified and packed with content, this is one side-hustle that's actually fun!"

About Better Planet Paper, Inc.
Better Planet Paper is an environmentally conscious consumer driven paper brand. The "Peoples Paper" uses artists, musicians and creative social influencers to share the story. The company is focused on becoming the largest green paper distribution company in North America by empowering hundreds of thousands of core consumers to share and be compensated with their friends on social media platforms directly from their phones. Paper with a Purpose. Shark Tank Investor Kevin Harrington says, "I love the simple story and long-term residual potential of Better Planet." Mothers, students, retirees and outdoor enthusiasts love the simple model of sharing fun videos and pictures on social media. Better Planet Paper is seeking paper partners of all types; as well as investment capital to attract millions of brand ambassadors. Imagine a sales force of hundreds of thousands of consumers saving money and saving the planet. Contact CEO Scott Kufus for partnership inquiries. Scott@BetterPlanetPaper.com.

About 212 Technologies, LLC
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