24k Gold Vacuum Cleaner Cost $1,000,000.00 or Best Offer

The GoVacuum GV62711 vacuum cleaner made headlines last month with its 24k gold plating and the whopping price tag of $1,000,000.00, but the Chantilly, VA based Internet company has reported they are now accepting offers for the exotic cleaning machine, in an effort to increase sales.


Chantilly, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/30/2012, the Chantilly, VA based company that recently introduced the world's most Expensive vacuum cleaner, the GoVacuum GV62711- has announced today the $1,000,000 24k gold-plated cleaning machine might sell for less than the $999,999 sale price.

“It's perplexing to me, but as of now we've not sold a single vacuum.” says Justin Haver who created the cleaning wonder and is Vice President of Sales & Marketing at GoVacuum.


“We've had some real interest in the vacuum cleaner, but I guess Billionaires are a bit more frugal than I expected. Perhaps that's how the 1% got so rich; by saving their money?” Haver stated with a baffled look on his face.

In case you don't already know, created their own vacuum cleaner: the GoVacuum GV62711. What's unique about this upright metal vacuum is the company has each unit custom engraved to the purchasers liking. From there it is drenched in 24k gold and finally topped off with a custom outer bag that's made from nearly any material desired.

Oh, and then there's the cost: $999,999.00. You read correct, $1.00 less than $1,000,000, but don't worry; it ships for free worldwide.

Billionaires need to act quick, though, as there are only 100 set to ever be produced. That means only 99 are left to be custom built. Before you start shaking your head in disbelief and assume this was just done just to draw attention to their website, be aware that GoVacuum has actually produced one and it sits waiting to be tested by the first serious buyer who shows interest. Listen to what else the eccentric creator of this excessive waste had to say:

“We decided to have the first one made to shun the naysayers that claimed it was a P.R. stunt, and I feel it will help sales of the vacuum with potential buyers. We're just a couple of miles from Dulles International Airport. A private jet can be flown in from anywhere around the world and the buyer can stop by to try it out before purchasing,” he sincerely explains.

He went on to explain that the company will need at least 24 hours notice; upon notice the 24k gold-plated vacuum transferred to their showroom as they don't keep the finished machine at their warehouse location.

“To prevent our warehouse from being stuck with non-plated, unsold machines, we're allowing many vacuums and air purifiers to be Netotiated. We've also decided to include the GV62711 to be Netotiated by the distinguished few who are serious about purchasing it.”

Their website coined the phrase and began using a feature called “Netotiate.” Netotiating is done by a customer who is looking to purchase a product. They simply click on an orange button that reads “Make an offer,” then enter the price they are willing to pay for that product. Shortly thereafter will either accept the consumers offer or they will submit a few counter offers for the consumer to either accept or decline.

“We offer free shipping on all items and a 60 day in-home trial on most products, and besides the GV62711, we're the lowest priced website in America for nearly all other products we offer, from vacuum bags and belts, to air purifiers and vacuum cleaners. To help customers save even more, we've implemented the ability to Netotiate on all “Just Like New” air purifiers and vacuums on our website. We feel this new and exciting feature will help us liquidate excess stock, customer returns, open box and refurbished machines,” Haver said.

We asked him about what GoVacuum plans to do with the other 99 machines they have in stock, ready for customizing and gold plating. He responded, “Sell them, hopefully, as close to the $1,000,000 price as we can… but we'll see what people are Netotiating them for.”