Z Skin Cosmetics

26-Year-Old Turns Down Second Multi-Million-Dollar Offer to Sell Secret Behind Revolutionary New Product

His groundbreaking organic eye cream lifts, firms and instantly removes dark bags and circles within seconds. Being priced just under $25, it is becoming one of the most sought out products on the market today, and corporations are hungry for a piece of the action.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/21/2015 --Ryan Zamo has the organic skincare industry cringing with the worldwide success of his newest product "Banish", which is quickly becoming the fastest selling organic eye cream. The young CEO of Z Skin Cosmetics has created a groundbreaking eye cream that instantly helps removes dark bags and circles.

"I honestly didn't think much of Banish when I created it, I thought all eye creams did that, it literally took me about 15 minutes to create" Zamo mentioned in his interview with us. Banish is 100% organic and is completely handmade by Ryan Zamo, the creator of the now very successful Z Skin line. When asked why he turned down the offer, Zamo said, "I didn't start my company to make money, I did it to help others. And as nice as it would be to say,"I sold my product for millions when I was 25-years-old and bought a mansion and a plane" that's not what my goal is. I pride my company on the passion I put into my products."

The 26-year-old has already been recognized with awards around the world, this new company has already been named "The Next Proactiv and Clinique" by the Wall Street Journal, Daily News and other major sources. He has been invited onto major talk shows, has rave reviews in major news magazines and still answers every customer inquiry personally.

However, Zamo was no stranger to organic remedies While growing up. The young entrepreneur was surrounded by vast knowledge of organics with a father from Budapest, Hungry and a mother who studied horticulture and plant biology. Zamo was raised, without knowing it, learning what would one day make him an international success. "I always thought they were a bit off, because if I burnt myself or was itching something, they'd run after me trying to rub me down with weeds from the backyard" the CEO explained.

Z Skin Cosmetics was originally created to help Ryan Zamo win his battle over cystic acne and hair loss. He quoted "I honestly just started making products because I was tired of trying everything under the sun and seeing absolutely nothing happening." With the help of his parents, Zamo sat down and developed an organic formula for his problems, which has now made him a global success.

According to major reports, his products produce unprecedented results, being hailed as the creator of "The Next Proactiv" by the Wall Street Journal, "The Skincare Line That Beat Out Clinique" by the Daily News and "The Product Of The Year" by CBS news and countless other creditable news sources. "Most of my products work instantly because I am highly impatient, I have ADHD and zero time to spend waiting for results," Ryan said.

The award winning CEO also mentioned "I priced all my items so low because I know how it feels, I was tired of spending so much money on expensive products that never worked, and wanted to bring my high-end product to the world to enjoy". With the given success of Z Skin Cosmetics, it looks like this is just the beginning for this 26-year-old remarkable entreprenuer.