3 in 1 Sensory Baby Toy Wobbl Launches Kickstarter Campaign


Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/29/2019 --Wobbl is an inventive, environmentally friendly, 3-in-1 sensory baby toy. Made with baby-safe recyclable materials, Wobbl is a rattle, teether, and tummy time toy all in one. The team behind Wobbl hopes to fund its production and launch with crowdfunding through their Kickstarter Campaign.

Based in Singapore the creators of Wobbl are comprised of child psychologists, experienced business-savvy inventors, and young mothers. Together, they've worked to develop a toy that's best suited to support babies and toddlers in their crucial developmental years, without creating something passionless that will end up rotting in a landfill. With no tech and no plastic, Wobbl is an incredible advancement on the classic baby toy.

Wobbl is built specifically to grow alongside babies and toddlers. The soft chewy ears can be used as a teether with textured, food-grade silicone that provides sensory stimulation and relief for sore gums. The rounded body is a rattle that comes with beads inside, which produce a gentle sound for sensory stimulation. With the rocking back and forth motion, Wobbl engages babies during tummy time which is essential for the development of their core muscles and aids overall development.

Parents can slip this tiny but mighty transportable super toy in their purse or baby bag so their baby can enjoy their peaceful, hypoallergenic Wobbl on the go. The Wobbl also serves as a lifelong keepsake as it makes the perfect sentimental desk toy for parents or their baby once they've grown up. One of the best things about Wobbl is that, due to being handcrafted and hand-painted, each is an original and individual work of art.

Wobbl's all-or-nothing Kickstarter goal is to crowdfund SGD 21,000 (or USD $15,405) by November 17, 2019, to fund the large scale production and rollout of this innovative super toy. There are multiple tiers and rewards for potential backers to choose from, ranging from tiers of S$2 to s$249 (USD $2 to $180). Rewards include tummy time eBooks, sets of beautiful image cards, a 50% off retail price VIP Wobbl, free access to the KinderPass app, a gorgeous handcrafted toy box, and much more. This campaign is already 67% funded and is ideal for parents who want to keep their babies from the mass-produced, earth and noise polluting techno-toys.

Rewards ship everywhere around the world, with estimated delivery before Christmas 2019.