360 Textile Technologies Celebrates Crowdfunding Success With V-TEX: The Ultimate Waterproof Vegan Nanotech Shoes

V-Tex Waterproof Shoes Enjoys the Success of 400% Funding on Kickstarter and going strong.


West Yorkshire, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/22/2019 --Since puddles and riverbeds can be high, the designers of V-TEX believes shoes should be too. The natural path to insure coverage of one's body is to follow one's ankles upward. As a result, anyone can step in a puddle or a stream and know with confidence their feet are still bone dry.

V-TEX shoes are active lifestyle shoes for when things get wet. Their high top shoes are the perfect mix of athletic comfort and waterproof protection. Perhaps best off, feet stay dry while the wearer looks good and feels comfortable.

The designers of V-TEX realized there was no solution for those that wanted an athletic looking shoe that kept their customers' feet dry, which included their ankles and above. They also knew providing this technology would be a challenge, but with their decades of experience and perseverance they knew they could do it. And they did.

V-TEX is truly waterproof. Usually waterproof shoes are made with leather uppers with a heavy rubber outsole. Thanks to V-TEX patented technology, their shoes are extremely lightweight and are protected by a 360-degree waterproof breathable membrane that is 100% vegan.

Key features of V-TEX shoes:
- Durable and long lasting.
- Breathable Nano-Tech.
- Breathable.
- Anti-Bacterial.
- Ultra-Comfortable.
- Heat Resistant.
- Vegan.

V-TEX shoes are available in a range of colors and sizes.
Everyone is encouraged to order a pair of V-Tex shoes via Kickstarter -