3D PageFlip Professional 1.6.4 Supports Import Open Office Documents


Guangdong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/21/2013 --3D PageFlip Professional 1.6.4 supports import open office documents beneficial to every user all over the world. This feature that has been added in the professional flipbook creator of this company is useful that everyone will get a lot of benefits from it. Other products with the same purpose as this one don’t have this feature that only the professional product of this company has. The purpose of this feature that supports the import of Open Office Documents is that users will not be required to do other procedures of converting the file to the accepted file format.

By 11th of April, this year, everyone will get a lot of benefits especially to the fact that this will be updated to more effective version. There are actually lots of new features that will be added in this product during this date that leads every user to have a lot of benefits and advantages. This update process is very important for the product along with the company as they will earn a lot of money from other people as their customers.

One of the most important features that will be added in the update of this product is except PDF. This feature is impossible in other products and companies with the same purpose this particular one. Everyone will also be beneficiary in other additional features in this product due to the update of the product. Other included features in this product are the PowerPoint and the images that can lead the users to use the product easily as it supports the import of every Open Office Documents.

By just spending $299, everyone can get a lot of benefits brought by the features installed in this flippingbook product. A very powerful creator will come in everyone’s way with this particular product. Today, this product allows the users to add their own platforms for social share. If there is no platform, users can also allow readers to sharer the e-book via Facebook, Twitter, etc. Other products don’t have these features.

Define hint for encryption, which lead readers who is reading an encrypted flipbook to move to the specific page to purchase for the password. This feature is useful function for flipbook seller.

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