3D PageFlip Professional Version 1.6.6 Is Released in May, 2013

3DPageFlip.com has announced the release of 3D PageFlip Professional v1.6.6 on May 8, with new features like single page mode and document and magazine formats.


Guangzhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/15/2013 --The digital publishing software company, 3DPageFlip.com has announced yet another update to its popular flip book maker, 3D PageFlip Professional. With version 1.6.6 released on May 8, users have even more features to take advantage of. The company’s flagship product, 3D PageFlip Professional v1.6.6 is a hot product now selling on the organization’s website. Users can create 3D, page-flipping e-books out of PDF, OpenOffice, and image files and add multimedia features. Also, they can select from output types for PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.

A Page Editor is embedded into the software interface, so designers can add multimedia assets with ease. While there are still many different design settings to change the appearance and content of e-books, the new version of the software adds additional features for users. These are intended to make it even easier than ever to design and read an e-book. The company updates its software several times a month based on industry needs, expert advice, and the feedback of real customers.

New in 3D PageFlip Professional v1.6.6 is single page mode. In this mode, the flash flipping book software will present an e-book as a slideshow with pages that slide page-by-page. There are vertical scroll bars located on both sides of the book in the reading interface, so readers can easily flip the pages. They can also click and drag their mouse to turn each page to the right or left.

Using single page mode is easy. In the “Design Setting” panel, find the “Document Type” option and choose the type to allow the e-book to be viewed in single page mode. By choosing “Magazine” type, the e-book will appear as a real book would, add to the software’s realism. The Document Type option is better suited for viewing pictures or PPT files. Magazine Type, however, features the realistic page flipping effect the software is known for. Each type has its own advantage and deciding on which one to use depends on the e-book designer’s intentions.

In addition to the new features and functions, the software has also been updated to reflect bug fixes by 3DPageFlip.com staff. The program now lets flipbooks be seen in full screen mode using Internet Explorer. Designers have also optimized the software’s performance when deleting pages in the Page Editor. With 3D PageFlip Professional v1.6.6, users therefore have performance enhancements and new features. For more details on the software, please to go http://www.3dpageflip.com/pageflip-3d-pro/3dpageflip-professional.html.

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